School teacher’s guide to Child Psychology

Essential information about child psychology can do more for a teacher than improving their teaching and learning habits of students. It can help them motivate students and identify if they are in an emotional crisis. These small information can come handy when handling difficult students and giving support to ones […]

Child Psychology.

Child Psychologist

Child Development: Psychologist Perspective

Children develop at different rates and ideally no two children must be compared.  Children today are bought up in different settings than we were, be it technology, media, economic status, etc. It is so different that if we had to compare our growing years to theirs we wouldn’t be able […]

Behavioral modification for Child Behavior problems

All children are not same as in their development and also in their patterns of behaviors. Most of children’s learn appropriate behavior with the help of the parents and teachers. Children show temper tantrums and aggressive or some destructive behaviors in some situations. But it seen months together then the […]

child psychology

Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Social skills training for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Each child or individual on the autism spectrum is unique, each having their own strengths and needs. As a challenge, parents and families must address them and seek for individualized treatment plan. Theses treatment options could range from a multifaceted treatment that ranges from speech and language therapy to behavioural […]

Questions to ask your Child Psychologist

Your first meeting or experience with a child psychologist can be quite unnerving and scary for both for you as well as your child. Maybe your child is experiencing some stress at school or is anxious or is having a temper issue and you just have no idea how do […]

Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist

Referred to a Child Psychologist by school counselor?

Many parent dread the thought of being advised or even suggested to see a child psychiatrist regarding their children. Being referred to a child psychiatrist does not mean that the child is “abnormal”. These stigmas towards psychiatrist still persist due to the lack of awareness about mental health and child […]

Role of School Psychologist in Child’s well-being

A child spends most of their time of the day in school among follow students and teachers. When it comes to addressing a child’s mental health issues, the school management, teachers along with the school psychologist play equal role as the parents. As they spend most of their time in […]

School Psychologist.

Behavioral Disorders in Children

Behavioral Disorders in Children

Children are energetic, naughty, stubborn and impulsive by nature and that is completely normal. Issue arises when they tend to extremely impulsive, aggressive and impossible to handle. Many of the behavioural issues among children tends to go unnoticed because parents think it is part of the normal development and will […]

Bipolar Disorder in Children

Does your child go through extreme mood and behaviour changes? Does your child experience highs and lows quite often? Do these mood and behavioural changes affect their academics, social and personal lives? If yes, then they probably suffer from bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a serious mood disorder. It is […]

Bipolar Disorder Children.

Depression in Children

Depression in Children.

Symptoms of depression in children are often dismissed by parents citing as normal emotional and psychological changes that occur during growth. Usual parents and adults fail to recognize depression 30-50% of times. Children as young as 6 years fall prey to depression and further on attempt suicide. Statistics show how […]