Sarahah- The Anonymous Trending App Under Fire

Social media always has something to set a fire on. After the tremendous issues of the ‘blue Whale Challenge’ now it’s the time to talk about the anonymous app which has let the social media platforms go in hurl – Yes, you have made a right guess- it’s the Sarahah […]

Dr. Anitha – A shattered dream

Suicide: An act or an instance of taking one’s own life and intentionally. This is the exact medical definition of suicide that some major doctors and Google concluded us. About 800000 people write their own ending through suicide every year across the world. India alone contributes to 17.9% of this […]

Stress Management

Symptoms of Stress

How and when do you happen to know you are stressed? Dr. Levine, one of the psychologists says people get sick when they are stressed. Do you know stress suppresses the immune system thus making it easier to get sick and harder to fight off the bugs? Stress is a […]

How to deal with stress at workplace

                                                      “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”                                                                                                                  – Hans Selye Have you ever been in a situation where the tied ropes are nothing but endless to-do list, much-nearing deadlines, and targets then finally the word comes out of your mouth ‘Eek! I feel […]


How to Relieve Stress?

This is my story around two and half years ago where in I was working as an IITian in one of the reputed multi-national companies in Mumbai. I had all that was to be considered as a high bulletin- A higher management degree from renowned institutes of the world, a […]

Sleeping Issues and Stress

What is stress? Stress is one of the emotion that makes us respond, weaken and involve into our daily life, both physically and mentally. Most of us think stress is nothing but negative energy that revolves inside our brain. The fact is the right amount of stress can help us […]

Sleep Disorders

Types of Sleep Disorders

Why does your body need a good sleep? Do you know how and when you are encountered with a sleep disorder?   Studies show sleep is very much essential for a person’s immune system to work fine in order to fight against sickness. Moreover, it is the main factor which […]


The Blue Whale Challenge Game

A new hot topic for discussion on all media platforms. You must have read or heard about it by now, so a simple question to you What does the title Blue whale challenge mean? You must have heard about Whales found dead in hundreds on the shore of Australia and […]


Sleeping Disorder in Child

Yesterday it broke my heart when my friend mentioned that her 10 year old son has sleep disorder. And so I decided to share some knowledge on sleeping disorder in children. Do you find hard to put your child to sleep or do they sleep not as much as they […]


Sleep Disorders in Adults

Did you know that having trouble sleeping can be a sleep disorder? Yes you read that right! Do you or your loved one have difficulty to stay asleep or fall asleep through the night? Do you feel sleepy during the day or feeling tired while you wake up even though […]