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Managing Stress

STRESS..…STRESS…STRESS…STRESS…STRESS…..STRESSED!   Why do you think in this 21st century, from a child going to preschool to a retired person experiences stress?   DID YOU KNOW? As per the world health organization, 1 in every 5 persons...



“People with ADD [ADHD] often have a special ‘feel’ for life, a way of seeing right into the heart of matters, while others have to reason their way methodically.”     You may ask, how is ADD/ADHD commonly exhibited in a work setting? The...

Mental Health

Have A Happy Workplace!!!

As we are living in a fast-moving world, every individual is running towards success. There are many things that you battle with like education, academics, relationships, career, finance, success and ultimately happiness. Just after your education...


Dr. Anitha – A shattered dream

Suicide: An act or an instance of taking one’s own life and intentionally. This is the exact medical definition of suicide that some major doctors and Google concluded us. About 800000 people write their own ending through suicide every year across...

Stress Management

Symptoms of Stress

How and when do you happen to know you are stressed? Dr. Levine, one of the psychologists says people get sick when they are stressed. Do you know stress suppresses the immune system thus making it easier to get sick and harder to fight off the bugs...