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dealing with anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety

Sometimes you just cannot get the worry out of your head, you tried to solve it but it just doesn’t seem to go away. Sometimes worry hits the best of us, we’ve all been there. So how can you beat back anxiety and learn to deal with it? Here are some...

Dealing Anxiety

How to Control Anxiety?

How to control anxiety?- According to WHO, 3.6% of the population which is approximately 264 million people undergo anxiety issue. Anxiety became one of the most annoying emotional and behavioral problems among human beings. To provoke an awareness...

Biofeedback for Anxiety

Biofeedback for Anxiety

Anxiety disorder can be extremely distressing. The individual knows what they are going through is not a part of normal life yet they are unable to stop or control it. Individuals suffering from this at times say that it never goes away but rather...