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Emergency in psychiatry is not given a lot of importance, however it is the most commonly faced emergency with over 25 lac admissions that take place on any given day across India. As a psychiatric emergency is most often not life threatening, no specific emergency care is usually available.  

Cadabam's specialist psychiatry and neurology team is equipped to deal with this emotional, psychological and physical traumatic experience. The team is also trained and equipped to handle violence and aggression associated with psychiatric illnesses such as depression, suicidal behavior, emergencies arising out of alcohol abuse - both physical and psychosocial, patient non-cooperation to seek professional help when it is a necessity for mental well-being, and the patient being a threat to him/herself or others.

Cadabam's Hospitals has a screening and evaluation team which considers the request for admission with care and processes it with utmost urgency. The team is equipped to support the family and the patient with legal and medical aid in the best interest of the patient and well wishers where necessary. The team can help in orienting the family in case of emergencies and provide psychosocial supportive services. The emergency care team is also supported by a well equipped admission team to help ease the process.

For emergencies reach us @ + 91 9741 476 476

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