Cadabam's Hospitals is a specialty center for psychiatry and neurology at J.P. Nagar, Bangalore is an offshoot of the biggest psycho social rehabilitation group of the country Cadabam's which is a 400 bed center in the outskirts of Bangalore.

Family, well wishers, close friends and people who wish well for those suffering from mental illnesses will heave a sign of relief when they read about the Cadabam's Hospitals. Of course, not to mention the people who are suffering from mental illness. Simply because, it is a hospital that provides timely help during crisis, and is located in the heart of the city, which is just a call away.

Its vision is to be a specialty care hospital in neurology and psychiatry with a range of therapies, procedures, and supportive measures to provide the best and quality mental healthcare.

The hospital uses the best of the equipments that are used, known and heard of in the field of psychiatry and psychology for any interventions or procedures known that are available and offered in the field.

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