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Behavioral Disorders in Children
Behavioral Disorders in Children
Behavioral Disorders in Children.

Children are energetic, naughty, stubborn and impulsive by nature and that is completely normal. Issue arises when they tend to extremely impulsive, aggressive and impossible to handle. Many of the behavioural issues among children tends to go unnoticed because parents think it is part of the normal development and will eventually fade away. But that only accelerates the issue and makes it hard for the child to cope and manage these issues.

To help the child cope and manage these behavioural problem parents and others around children should know about the general behavioural problem among children. Here are the 3 commonly seen behavioural problems among children:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional defiant disorder or ODD is characterized by a very angry and irritable mood and argumentative behaviour. If this is persistent for at least 6 months, then the child can be diagnosed for ODD. The symptoms are the following:

  • Frequently loses temper
  • Gets annoyed easily
  • Is often resentful and angry
  • Often tends to argue with people in authority
  • Does not listen or comply to any requests
  • Blames other for their own mistakes
  • Often tends to annoy others
  • Is often spiteful

Conduct Disorder

Conduct disorder or CD is characterized by a behaviour pattern wherein the child tends to violate other’s rights, hurt animals and destructs property. This disorder can cause serious issues as the child here may indulge in criminal activities. The symptoms are the following:

  • Often threatens and bullies others
  • Often gets involved or initiates fights
  • Possesses weapon that can seriously harm others
  • Tend to be cruel to animals
  • Indulge in stealing
  • Lies to gain favours
  • Deliberately destroying things that belong to others
  • Tendency of running away from home
  • Stay out all night despite restrictions and prohibitions from parents

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention defiant hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is characterized by a pattern of inattention, hyperactive and impulsive behaviour. here the child may appear extremely energetic and this tend to interfere the normal development of the child. The symptoms are the following:

  • Difficulty in staying focused at one task
  • Finding it hard to stay in one place for a long time
  • Fails to complete a task due to lack of concentration
  • Often tends to lose things
  • Is forgetful of the common tasks
  • Always fidgeting or shaking hand or legs
  • Unable to relax and stay calm
  • Talkative
  • Often tend to interrupt other when talking to doing a task
  • Tends to get involved in activities without thinking of the consequences

As mentioned above many behavioural problems tend to go unnoticed for years and are only detected when the condition is worse. For this reason the awareness and identification of these signs and symptoms are necessary. Teachers along with parents can play an important role in detecting the issue and getting appropriate help at the earliest. For behavior modification and counseling parents & kids, contact our child psychologist on +919741476476.

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