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Sleep Disorders

Types of Sleep Disorders

Why does your body need a good sleep? Do you know how and when you are encountered with a sleep disorder?   Studies show sleep is very much essential for a person’s immune system to work fine in order to fight against sickness. Moreover, it is...


Sleeping Disorder in Child

Yesterday it broke my heart when my friend mentioned that her 10 year old son has sleep disorder. And so I decided to share some knowledge on sleeping disorder in children. Do you find hard to put your child to sleep or do they sleep not as much as...


Sleep Disorders in Adults

Did you know that having trouble sleeping can be a sleep disorder? Yes you read that right! Do you or your loved one have difficulty to stay asleep or fall asleep through the night? Do you feel sleepy during the day or feeling tired while you wake...


Insomnia Treatments

Are you aware of planning your diet? It might sound creepy but the truth is diet plays a vital role in your sleep, if you are closing the day with an imbalanced diet it might result in Insomnia gradually. It is suggested by the researchers that you...


Causes of Insomnia

A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in 2002 revealed that 35% of the adults complained that they often feel sleeplessness or walk during sleep or wake up frequently at night times. Accordingly, it was also found that 63% of the women...