Internet Additiction

Internet Addiction3

“Staying awake till 4am, finding an interesting article on a celebrity, then googling it to see if its true. Next

staking them on social network site, stalking their best friend, sharing a meme they liked, going to that meme's

official page, seeing if your friends have liked it, finding a video shared by a friend, watching that video then

watching the next video and finally sleeping with your laptop on.”

With the increase in the web facilities, over usage has become problematic. Internet addiction , the problematic

and over usage of internet is effecting our lives in ways we need be concerned about.

People are constantly using, are connected and are dependent to the virtual world for even the most basic need

such as buying groceries. Initially the internet was only used for tasks that were difficult to accomplish humanly

and its more of a trend, especially with the social media internet overuse has increased. Research studies have

shown that a dependent computer users use almost 35% of their time spent on the computer in Chat Rooms.

Yes, internet does make our life easier but it has adverse effects too.

Effects of internet addictions:

  •  Academic and professional negligence: Students overly indulging in the Internet may end up

spending majority of their time on social networking site than on doing their homework or preparing

for an exam, resulting in poor academic performance. The same can also happen in the case of an adult

who instead to finishing his/her task spends time on the internet, leading to poor productivity and

concentration and may also cause failure in their career.

  • Dependency on the virtual relationship: A 2010 article in The Guardian talks about how a couple

were so indulged in their internet game of raising a virtual daughter that their negligence to their actual

daughter resulted in the death of their daughter. This may be an example of a severe case of internet

addiction but it does highlight the possible devastation. Living in the virtual world may often result in

negligence of the real world around you.

  •  Other psychological problems: Neglecting the real world can lead to loneliness and eventually

depression. A UK study showed a group of internet addicts among the internet users were found more

like to be depressed.

  •  Physical effects: Continously sitting infront of a laptop or desktop can cause severe back pain, vision

difficulties, neck pain and can make us lethargic.

Coping techniques:

  •   Appreciate the people and events in the real life. The above mentioned 2010 article showed how not

being in touch with the real world can effect us. So scheduling time to spend with friends and family

on a daily basis can be helpful. Or simply take a walk (without your phone) and interact with your


  • Make accessing the internet a little harder such as following a strict priority list or use multiple lock

system in your laptop or desktop.

  •  Schedule time for using the Internet and use internet only at that time. And avoid using phones while

doing other things such as dinner, spending time with your children or when guest are around. This will

allow you to use the internet while not letting it interfer with other tasks.

  •  Distract yourself by engaging in a task that requires a lot of concentration.
  •  Mute the notifications of all the apps on your smartphone.
  •  Learn to differentiate between virtual and real relationships.
  •  Engaging in hobbies, sports and other skills that are of one’s interest such as that of painting.

Internet usage and addiction in today's world is an increasing concern. Though Internet is helpful in many aspect

but when used excessively and in a wrong way can damage lives. Beware before it overrules your lives. Seek

professional help at Cadabam’s Hospitals for assitance. Assessment test, psychotherapy such as cognitive

behavior therapy and support groups are available for treatment.

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