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Specific Learning Difficulties

Is dyslexia a learning disability | Specific Learning Difficulties

People with Specific Learning Difficulties often face unfair treatment compared to their counterparts, most often for no fault of theirs, and get tagged as “Stupid” “Dumb” & “Lazy”. Most of them have problems in understanding things in a conventional way, may experience visual stress while reading. Text can appear blurred or jumbled for them. This article provides you a clear information on learning disabilities and what can help to deal with it.

Specific Learning Difficulties Characteristics – Case Study

I remember my days of struggle throughout school days dealing with the problem, which everyone around including myself was struggling for the problem with me. On many nights, I used to sit with my own sorrows and miseries, blaming myself for not being able to succeed, and doing my home properly.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia or called as specific learning difficulties meaning that my brain worked as much as five times harder to decipher things and put them across as meaningful words.

It does happen! But I realized that I needed to be brave. My parents were fearful, with thousands of questions running through their mind. Will I be able to succeed in School? Will I be able to clear school academics? How will things turn out to be? But they didn’t have any idea about where to get the appropriate help. I guess, most parents share the same story while dealing with a child suffering from Dyslexia at some point in time.

Getting the right help from the right person along with best learning disabilities treatment, at the right time can often make a huge difference for a child or adult suffering from dyslexia or specific learning difficulties. We often fail to understand that their brain processes information differently, it has nothing to do with intelligence. They often end up getting barely passing grades and left feeling defeated and worthless.

Learning Disabilities Treatment

Specific Learning Difficulties

With the right treatment, children with Learning Disability can achieve higher grades and can be taught ways in which they can become more successful at dealing with academic challenges and graduate without much hassle. All that said, we are fortunate to live in this era, where technological aids and new innovative teaching methods play a role in dyslexia.

All they need is interventions and the best learning disabilities treatment provided at the right level which is a balance of general education and remediation. As their self-confidence and self-esteem grow, they become capable of successfully dealing with their problems.

Earlier days, many students with dyslexia didn’t have any such benefits. We should consider ourselves lucky, Indeed.

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