Living with Schizophrenia

Living with Schizophrenia in India : Individual Perspective

Due to limited information on schizophrenia, it leaves room for speculation and stigma, which eventually forces people to distance from the one suffering from the disease. I share my story to reduce stigma and to promote the truth. My story will tell how an individual feels Living with Schizophrenia.

Challenges of Living with Schizophrenia: Case Study

It’s been 30 years since I have been suffering from Schizophrenia. This may be because no one had personal experience and understanding of schizophrenia. I grew up in a small town where people had little understanding of the illness.

Sometimes people are reluctant to ask me questions as they are afraid of getting personal or making hurt, but I welcome such kind of questions because such discussions provide insight and understanding. For me sharing my story enables me to release the dreadful experience of living with the condition which will help get over the stigma associated with the disease in the society.

Living with Schizophrenia

The misinformation and stigma circulated on schizophrenia have an invisible effect on the people suffering from it. It must be eradicated and destroyed. My hope is for society to remove such stigma and contribute my bit to the society on spreading the truth.

This can help people Living with Schizophrenia, and an individual like me can live a fulfilling life after recovering from the disease. Most often it becomes difficult for the person to lead a normal even after recovering it.

When you get diagnosed with Schizophrenia then it really hits you. It affects your daily life and takes over everything completely. It took awhile for me to realize that I was undergoing something much bigger after years of medication.

When one undergoes the pain and suffering one has to face Living with Schizophrenia, it becomes really difficult for someone to live a normal life. It took many years for me to realize what I was undergoing.

I was about to lose my job but my company helped and supported me at that time which really helped a lot. No one in the company asked me anything about my disease. They never showed any change in behavior towards me. They even stood by me for seven long years.
I never had to look back at all. Of course, there is a stigma associated with this disease. I was really fortunate to have many supportive friends and family members around which helped a lot Otherwise It wouldn’t have been possible for me come so far in life.

When you put yourself in the right environment and people, it won’t be tough for you to get over the disease. It doesn’t have to be always associated in a negative way, It, in fact, aids recovery and friendships which are often strengthened in the process.

I found myself shattered initially, yet I was able to get back on my feet and carry on with life. I found the strength due to support and care by loved ones and well-wishers.

Help for Individuals with Schizophrenia

There is no need to feel guilty for not being able to face your problem. Yes if you look around you probably will find the strength. Most often there are generally no easy solutions for such things in life.

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