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Stress Management

Will Counseling Help Me Manage My Stress

Stress Management

Hello everyone, am DR. RAJA HIREMANI, a Consultant Psychiatrist at Cadabam’s hospitals. Am going to map an interesting question which is flagged in everyone’s mind nowadays- “Will counseling help me manage my stress?”. This question might pop-up in the mind when you have no idea about what is the role? And why it is so important to get a counseling and treatment options for stress?


Why managing stress is more important?

In order to maintain the overall health of the body and managing or maintaining your health is a must nowadays because managing stress can increase the mood, boost your immune power, provide prolonged energy, and more importantly high productivity. When the stress is not managed well it might take over you by developing a range of disorders or illnesses. Stress plays such a powerful role in the well being of humankind because it’s a natural call and response that incorporated in the cerebrum so it can’t be nullified.


Physical and mental impact of stress in the body:

Riding and sitting in traffic, working on office then followed by meetings, and waiting for the last tick on the clock. At this point, the hypothalamus, a small control tower in the brain sends the stress to hormones. The same hormones are responsible to trigger the body to decide “fight or flight” mode with high heart pounding. Actually, these response is built to protect the body against the emergency situation. But when stress starts penetrating continuously, day after day, it could seat the health at a dangerous risk. Some of the cognitive issues with respect to mental effects such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, respiration problem, and there are many chances of coupling with bipolar, schizophrenia, insomnia, dementia and etc, When you are consistently raging towards the stress without making any adjustments to encounter the effects stress might eat you.


Role of stress in sexuality and reproductive system:

As we saw stress is pushing both body and mind. It’s obvious to lose the desire on things when stress strikes continuously. The short-term stress produces more hormone testosterone, this effect will not last long.


In-case of a long time, a male’s testosterone level begins to drop down. this might also affect the production of sperms and lead to impotence.


In-case of a long time, for women menstrual cycle might be affected. It can result to irregular, heavier, or painful period.


we are safe enough from all kind of heal wounds, viral and bacterial diseases because of our immune system. Staying healthy is only possible by having a strong immune system. If the stimulation of immune decreases in the body then will responses to the foreign invaders. Feel free to get in touch with cadabam’s to perceive the best treatment options by highly trained professionals and beat the stress in a right way. In crises +91 9741476476


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