How to Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is a really hard, in many cases the individuals have failed attempts to quit. Many may have started smoking as a way to cope with anxiety, depressed feeling or simply to get rid of boredom. Quitting in these situations can be harder. Smoking gives a ‘good’ feeling that...


30 May,2019 | 10 months read

All you need to know about Bhang Addiction

Holi is almost there and no doubt it is the festival of spirit and colours in India. For most of the people, it is incomplete without Bhang. So We simply call it the festival of 'Rang Aur bhang' in Hindi. But there is something beyond you should know about what...


19 March,2019 | 1 year read

Eating Disorder

I just ate 2 burgers, french fries and a coke but still am hungry, why is it so? My son is bringing back the full lunchbox, saying he might become fat, why is it so? My friend eats too much. When it comes to food she’s completely out of control,...


30 November,2018 | 1 year read

Counseling for alcohol addiction, Bangalore, India

Is Alcohol addiction ruining your relationship? Or Want to overcome your alcohol addiction? Then counseling is the best option for you! Counseling is an essential part of the alcohol addiction recovery program and it is one of the most effective treatment since the 21st century. It has a huge positive...


05 July,2018 | 2 years read

Drug addiction treatment programs in Bangalore, India

Do you want to stop the drug practices? Do you wish your adored one to get sober? Is your relationship getting ruined by drug addiction? Then you are on the right page keep reading and know the Drug addiction treatment methods. In India, overall 3.4 million people effected due to...


25 June,2018 | 2 years read

Teen Drug Abuse: The Warning Signs

Are you aware of drug abuse? Teenage is the phase where most of the kids are eager to try new things and explore the world. Activities may incorporate both good and bad. These generation teens are eager to learn everything without knowing which is good and which is bad. According...


25 June,2018 | 2 years read

Drug & Alcohol Detox

What Is Detox? Detox or detoxification program is the initial treatment process for any addiction related issues. It is the process of removing unwanted substances or toxic chemical from the body. The purpose of this treatment program is to manage the withdrawal symptoms that one may experience when they suddenly...


21 June,2018 | 2 years read

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