Anxiety Attack Symptoms -Do you have them?

All of us suffer from mild anxiety attacks at some point in our lives. It may be caused by anything - while watching the climax of a suspense thriller, being called for a presentation, or anything. But it gets devastating when such mild anxiety attacks start attacking back often with...


09 July,2018 | 3 years read

Best Mental Health Apps For iPhone & Android

Apps have taken over our lives, from hourly reminders to drink water to commuting to even ordering food. But now apps have even delved into areas of mental health. You will find a hundred apps on mental health but most of these apps are designed by software developers instead of...


05 May,2018 | 3 years read

Severe Anxiety Treatments are Effective

Anxiety disorders can lead to obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, and worries, but you don't have to live with this fear of anxiety. Yes, when it comes to an anxiety disorder, firstly recognizing it and getting the right kind of help is much necessary for your life to run smoothly. Severe...


13 March,2018 | 3 years read

How to Control Anxiety?

How to control anxiety?- According to WHO, 3.6% of the population which is approximately 264 million people undergo anxiety issue. Anxiety became one of the most annoying emotional and behavioral problems among human beings. To provoke an awareness on this lighting, here are some wide open gates available to overcome...


08 February,2018 | 3 years read

Anxiety Symptoms can feel very Scary

Do you feel anxious at work? Or do you get nervous at times while driving in the traffic as your bike speeds by and weaves between the lanes? Be alert because these may be the anxiety symptoms. Yes, once at least in a lifetime, experience anxiety to one point. It...


06 February,2018 | 3 years read

How to get Anxiety Help at Workplace?

If you forget to manage your anxiety in the workplace!! It will start to manage you!! Stress is very common or rather part of professional life. Deadlines, review meetings, paper presentations, official gatherings, success parties, promotions, appraisals and many such official events might cause stress in one’s life. But if...


13 October,2017 | 3 years read

Is anxiety genetic?

Have you wondered why some people can work life pressures while others succumb to it? What sets these people apart? A number of factors but one of them is genetics. Researchers studied and analyzed that genetic make-up is involved with causing anxiety in individuals. There is a 30 to 40...


10 February,2017 | 4 years read

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