Bipolar Disorder

Helping Someone with Bipolar disorder? Here’s what to Remember

“Educating those on whom someone with Bipolar disorder is dependent for help and support can be invaluable to treatment." When someone is diagnosed with a physical health condition, very easily we seek out for help and support. We know what and where to get help. But, why is it not...


29 March,2019 | 2 years read

My Life With Bipolar Depression Disorder

Inspiration works like a silver lining. Here I am (Jacob), sharing my story with you about my struggles with Bipolar Depression Disorder. I hope this gives you hope. I was an enthusiastic boy in my college days. Even now, my friends remember me for how much fun it was being...


16 November,2018 | 2 years read

Bipolar disorder depression: How to help for Someone?

Having someone with a Bipolar disorder depression can put immense strain and stress your relationship. Also, it disrupts all the aspects of their life too. But remember your love, patience, and support can make a change in their recovery and treatment. You can help and give a bipolar care by...


13 November,2018 | 2 years read

Manic Depression Treatment or Bipolar treatment

Manic Depression or, as recognized now, Bipolar Disorder is growing to be a more and more serious condition with a lack of awareness into how to manage it. People suffering from bipolar go through a variety of symptoms that constantly keep shifting between high-energy states and depressive states. This is...


13 June,2018 | 2 years read

Learning to Spot the Manic Depression Symptoms in Adults

Like any health concern, there are warning signs of Bipolar disorder depression or manic depression. Regrettably, these indicators are challenging to spot in some persons. However, treating the illness can be complicated if you aren't even aware that you or your close have it. Manic Depression Symptoms in adults - Briefly...


01 June,2018 | 2 years read

Signs of Manic Depression or Bipolar depression in Young Adults

Globally, Manic depression or bipolar depression ranks first among the top 10 causes of deaths due to mental illnesses (Source: World Health Organization). In particular,  age group of 15 to 25 typically faces increased episodes of manic depression. What is bipolar depression or bipolar depression? bipolar depression is also known...


29 May,2018 | 2 years read

Bipolar Disorder in Children

Is your child suddenly bursting with energy and active than other kids their age? Does your child suddenly feel depressed and have no interest in anything at all? If you find yourself saying yes to the above questions, then it is known as Bipolar Disorder in Children. It a serious...


17 March,2017 | 4 years read

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