Getting over a Breakup.

It is never easy having to face a breakup, no matter how your relationship with the person was. The emotional pain and breakup depression caused due to the ending of the relationship could last for days, weeks and even months. Regardless of the reasons that lead to the breakup, the...


04 November,2020 | 3 months read

How to Stop dwelling on the Past mistakes?

“If you keep looking’ back, you are gon’ trip going forward.” -Gucci Mane The key to life can be something as easy and simple as viewing the past as a measure - to live a better present and yet not be ruled by it. Past learnings and pleasant memories only...


28 September,2020 | 4 months read

Causes of Infidelity: Why Cheating is a Choice and Not a Mistake?

Infidelity. A breach of trust. An act of sin. An unforgivable betrayal. Often, the end of a relationship. When a partner cheats on us, it is almost inevitable that we unconsciously sit through a drudging tape of precious memories and feelings tainted with the bitter smoke of betrayal. As a...


28 September,2020 | 4 months read

Overcoming Emotional Dependency: How to become emotionally strong?

As soon as we hear the term ‘Emotional Dependency’, a gloomy picture occurs in mind that one person depends on the other for everything they do, the decisions they take or the achievements they make. Well, this is only one side of the story. Let’s understand ‘What is Emotional Dependency?’...


07 May,2020 | 9 months read

Does marriage counseling work? (And can it save your marriage?)

Marriages can be extremely hard to navigate through as they require excellent communication skills, trust, understanding, and collaboration. A troubled marriage can be a cause of concern for both the parties involved and the immediate family and friends as well. When the differences and oddities in one’s marriage seem too...


08 January,2020 | 1 year read

Child Behavior Problems

Children are energetic, naughty, stubborn and impulsive by nature and that is completely normal. The issue arises when they tend to extremely impulsive, aggressive and impossible to handle. Many of the Child Behavior Problems tend to go unnoticed because parents think it is part of the normal development and will...


20 March,2017 | 4 years read

Learning To Love Yourself

Love yourself- Love your laugh, love your style, love your heart, your soul, your smile, love your voice, love your touch!! It is always easier to love someone else. Your child, your parent, your partner. But have you ever focused much or focused at all on how to love yourself....


08 March,2017 | 4 years read

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Suicide Prevention


04 September,2019 | 1 year read

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