Childhood Depression

persistent, and recurrent public health problem that undermines social and school functioning, generates severe family stress and prompts significant use of mental health services.   Major depression is a common condition that affects approximately 5% of children and adolescents. Epidemiological studies have consistently demonstrated that females are two to three times...


04 November,2020 | 3 months read

Midlife Crisis In Women

To all the women out there - Is growing old bothering you lately? Have you ever felt that you are so alone? Are there times that you fear loss? Have you looked at the mirror and seen the visible signs of ageing?  Are you wondering, “What did I achieve by...


23 October,2020 | 3 months read

How to know if it’s Signs of Depression?

David had been feeling blue from the past few weeks. His productivity on the professional front had considerably fallen. There was a constant feeling of despair around him even when he was at home which started worrying Angelica – his better half. Angelica tried everything to make David laugh, but...


26 August,2020 | 5 months read

Anxiety and Depression Management: Navigating Your Mental Health

Mental health affects everyone irrespective of whether they are rich, poor, young, or old. Family disputes, relationship woes, losing someone close can often trigger mental health issues and depression or anxiety symptoms in an individual and leave them confused. In this article we will cover the basic, differences between Anxiety...


03 August,2020 | 6 months read

Early signs of depression: How to identify it?

Effective treatment of depression requires early detection. Depression can be difficult to identify among subgroups of patients with co-morbid medical illnesses, substance abuse disorders, mental retardation, brain injury, and dementia, or those who are at either end of the age spectrum. Prevalence and risk factors The most powerful predictive risk...


10 April,2020 | 10 months read

Treatment-Resistant Depression – What you should know?

Do you know Depression, especially treatment-resistant depression can be subtle at first but then it demonstrates that it's like a parasite that steals everything and wants to kill the host? This article will help you learn more about what is treatment-resistant depression and what can be done for it. Treatment-Resistant...


06 June,2019 | 2 years read

How to overcome loneliness?

I'm Raj, let me briefly tell you my story. I broke up with my girl several years ago. I still remember the tears streaming down my face when I learnt the reality. I didn't know whom to share my emotions with. Or what to do? But as time passed, I...


11 March,2019 | 2 years read

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Suicide Prevention


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