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All You Need to Know About Bhang Addiction (And How to Beat It)

Bhang addiction is extremely common in the country, yet we seldom understand how harmful it can be and the extent of it. Made from a psychoactive drug called Cannabis, bhang can be addictive. Cadabams, India’s most trusted mental health care institution offers comprehensive and customised treatment plans for Bhang addiction....


25 January,2021 | 9 months read

Drug-Induced Psychosis

An excessive intake of drugs, alcohol, or both can cause someone to enter a state of psychosis, known as drug-induced psychosis. Drug addiction refers to the obsessive use of high amounts of drugs and withdrawal symptoms can appear when the person is not using drugs. Drug abuse not only affects...


03 November,2020 | 12 months read

Drug addiction treatment programs in Bangalore, India

Do you want to stop the drug practices? Do you wish your adored one to get sober? Is your relationship getting ruined by drug addiction? Then you are on the right page keep reading and know the Drug addiction treatment methods. In India, overall 3.4 million people effected due to...


25 June,2018 | 3 years read

Drug & Alcohol Detox

What Is Detox? Detox or detoxification program is the initial treatment process for any addiction related issues. It is the process of removing unwanted substances or toxic chemical from the body. The purpose of this treatment program is to manage the withdrawal symptoms that one may experience when they suddenly...


21 June,2018 | 3 years read

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Suicide Prevention


04 September,2019 | 2 years read