Eating disorder

Identifying and Treating Anorexia: What to do?

With an average age of onset of 15 years, anorexia nervosa stands to have a prevalence of 0.3% among young women, while having the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder (Morries & Twaddle, 2007).  According to DSM-5, anorexia nervosa is characterized by an intense, irrational fear of gaining weight,...


03 August,2022 | 2 months read

Pica Eating Disorder: All you need to know

What is Pica Eating Disorder? “Don’t eat that!”  We have all had a parent or an elder say this to us right? This could be when we were chewing toys or consuming dirt. We eventually grew out of this habit, at least I hope we did. But, what if what...


28 July,2022 | 2 months read

Eating Disorders- An Introduction

Raise your hand if you’ve met someone who casually says, “Ugh, I can’t believe I ate that slice of cake last night, this is going to add so much weight to my hips!” and they follow it up with a check out of their body in the mirror? I have,...


05 January,2022 | 9 months read

Eating Disorder

I just ate 2 burgers, french fries and a coke but still am hungry, why is it so? My son is bringing back the full lunchbox, saying he might become fat, why is it so? My friend eats too much. When it comes to food she’s completely out of control,...


30 November,2018 | 4 years read

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