Sleep Apnea: Symptoms, Treatment and All You Want to Know

Throughout the day, you are mostly on your feet, doing one or the other thing. Your body needs proper rest to rejuvenate and function in an effective manner, and when that does not happen, it can pave the way for many serious health concerns. Depression, memory loss, acid reflux, mental...


22 March,2021 | 4 weeks read

Sleep Disorders and Depression

We come across people who look depressed at work and upon being asked they say they didn't have enough sleep the previous night. Also, there are few people who complain that it is their depressive episodes that are harming their sleep.  Now, are sleep disorders the cause of depression or...


21 March,2021 | 1 month read

Insomnia Treatments

Insomnia is a common type of sleep disorder that affects millions of people across the world. Individuals with insomnia find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep causing them to wake up too early before completing their proper sleep.  Insomnia can diminish your energy levels and take a toll...


04 November,2020 | 6 months read

Sleep Disorders: All you need to know

Sleep disorders are conditions that affect the normal sleep patterns of a person, regularly. Whether it’s caused by health issues or excess stress, conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia are very common right now; especially in adults who are aged between 20 and 59. The sleeping problems usually arise due...


03 June,2020 | 11 months read

Types of Sleep Disorders (And How to Treat Them)

Being deprived of sleep for a continued period can rob you of your peace and good health. Sleep disorders are common problems that most people affected by stress or inherent health problems face. Hectic schedules coupled with mounting lifestyle problems and financial woes have often led many people to complain...


08 January,2020 | 1 year read

Insomnia Treatment

Having sleepless nights that lasts for more than once or thrice a week? Do you have trouble sleeping until the sun rises to wish you good morning? Many of us have encountered sleeplessness, most commonly identified as insomnia, at some point in our lives. In fact, the statistics show that...


18 March,2019 | 2 years read

Are Sleeping Pills Dangerous For You?

Do you take pills to sleep? Or are you confused if sleeping pills are good or bad for your health? If it is so then here is some information n that you should be aware of sleeping pills if you or your close one in under medication for sleep problems....


10 October,2018 | 3 years read

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