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How to Stop dwelling on the Past mistakes?

“If you keep lookin’ back, you are gon’ trip going forward.” -Gucci Mane The key is to use the past to live a better present and not be ruled by it. Past learnings and pleasant memories only enhance the present. What needs to be forgotten and let go are those...


28 September,2020 | 3 weeks read

Living with Paranoid Schizophrenia in India : Individual Perspective

Despite the advancements in the medical profession and greater mental health awareness, disorders such as Schizophrenia are still very much misrepresented in popular culture and film leading to myriad misunderstandings.  The lack of accurate information and knowledge about the subject matter makes it easier for everyone to speculate and eventually...


26 August,2020 | 2 months read


Amidst the vast and quick spread of Novel COVID-19, communities around the world have come under a lockdown. It is imperative for us as a global community to work towards reducing the burden of this disease by abiding by our Government Directives and the unanimous advice of all health professionals. ...


22 April,2020 | 6 months read

Gratitude and Happiness: How journaling helps mental health

"I had worked really hard for this exam, and I later realized that I made an error on it. I definitely won't be topping my class. Feels like all my efforts went to waste", woefully said to me a client of mine who is pursuing her postgraduate degree. Intrigued, I...

Manisha Jain

19 April,2020 | 6 months read

Coronavirus and Anxiety: How to Protect Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has flung the world into a state of catastrophic uncertainty. The outbreaks of the virus worsening in many countries across the world and the constant news about the pandemic that we are being bombarded with does make us feel constantly anxious and uneasy. And all of this...


01 April,2020 | 7 months read

Emotional hygiene: Our buffer against psychological Injuries

What do we all do when we get a cut on our finger or sprain in our ankle? We reach out for a band- aid or go to the doctor if the injury is more severe. Unfortunately a lot of us, aren’t so kind when it comes to taking care...


27 June,2019 | 1 year read

Emotions – Demons or Angels?

Is it better to think logically or to think emotionally? Most people would argue that logic is superior because emotions are seen as messy, uncomfortable and sometimes leading to wrongful actions. They are also not based on facts and therefore are “unscientific”. The implication of this cultural discourse is that...


14 June,2019 | 1 year read

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04 September,2019 | 1 year read

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