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Men’s mental health matters too: How Patriarchy affects men’s lives

One in seven Indians is affected by mental health issues, stated in research conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). In 2017, nearly 197 million Indians experienced mental health problems. Depression alone affected 45.7 million people while Anxiety disorders affected 44.9 million people. Now, when it comes to...


28 April,2021 | 3 months read

General Anxiety Disorder (And Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored)

Around 6% of the population experiences general anxiety disorder  (GAD) in their lifetime. This mental disorder is seen more commonly in women as opposed to men and is prevalent in people of all age groups. GAD is a condition where patients are persistently and excessively worrying about various things. They...


22 March,2021 | 4 months read

Mental Illness in Kids

According to a 2000s study conducted by WHO, 20% of adolescents and children suffer from a mental illness. An Indian research study by the Indian council of medical research showed that almost 12% of children (between the ages of 4-16) suffer from mental illness. All these statistics are only showing...


22 March,2021 | 4 months read

Do I Need To See A Therapist?

We have reached the year 2021, and it is high time that society should see therapy in a new light. Even today, people who go to therapy are seen differently in society. But in reality, there is nothing embarrassing about seeing a therapist. If you have any psychological issue that...


21 March,2021 | 4 months read

Psychology First Aid: What Should Know About Action Principles

What is psychological first aid? Psychological first aid or PFA is a humane initial disaster response intervention offered to fellow human beings in need of support. It aims at promoting safety, stabilizing disaster survivors, as well as responding to the psychosocial needs of individuals and families suffering the impacts of...


25 January,2021 | 6 months read

How to be an Optimistic Person in Life

How do you picture your life right now? How has your life turned out so far? Is it the way that you pictured when you were dreaming of the perfect life a few years back, or has your life turned completely upside down from what you really wanted? Is your...


04 November,2020 | 9 months read

Midlife Crisis In Women

To all the women out there - Is growing old bothering you lately? Have you ever felt that you are so alone? Are there times that you fear loss? Have you looked at the mirror and seen the visible signs of ageing?  Are you wondering, “What did I achieve by...


23 October,2020 | 9 months read

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