Stress Management

Relaxation Techniques For Stress

Stress is a normal and even an essential part of life. It can mean that the task at hand is important to us. But excess stress can be detrimental. Do you know how stress can harm for your mind and body? It can pose a  risk of various health problems...


04 November,2020 | 3 months read

How to deal with stress at workplace?

                                            Endless to-do list? Heap of paperwork on your desk? 24/7 buzzing phone? Very strict weekend deadlines? If all of this is happening to you on a regular basis,...


28 September,2020 | 4 months read

How to Stop dwelling on the Past mistakes?

“If you keep looking’ back, you are gon’ trip going forward.” -Gucci Mane The key to life can be something as easy and simple as viewing the past as a measure - to live a better present and yet not be ruled by it. Past learnings and pleasant memories only...


28 September,2020 | 4 months read

How to Deal with Exam Stress and Anxiety?

This is the time of the year that the youth of the nation faces major life event- board exams.  This is undoubtedly one time period where the teacher, students and parents are all stressed out. Sarasin, an author and motivational speaker, said that “We live in a test-conscious, test-giving culture...

Ann Xavier Choolackal

03 April,2020 | 10 months read

Best ways to avoid stress during the corona outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has magnified all kinds of fears. Erasing stress and anxiety regarding coronavirus isn’t an option for many today as recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Experts say that only through drastic containment steps, can the spread of the virus can be stopped...


01 April,2020 | 10 months read

How to Build Self Confidence in A Child?

One of the core things we can all agree on as parents is that developing self-confidence in a child is very important. It is one of the cornerstones of living a mentally healthy life. Building self-confidence in children allows them to be brave and reach out to try new things...


08 January,2020 | 1 year read

How to Manage Daily Stress?

Do you know what your coping strategies are? What I mean by that is: How do you handle or Manage Daily Stress? Because stress in the modern world can be found in basketfuls. The probability of getting stressed, more often, greatly surpasses any probability of finding lasting joy and tranquillity....


24 April,2019 | 2 years read

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