Stress Management

Finding a Quiet Moment in the Chaotic Modern World

Finding a Quiet Moment,   Feels so positive, calm and pleasant…. But can we actually find a quiet moment for at least a minute in this chaotic tech world??? If we decide to sit quietly and relax for, we get hundred of running thoughts in our minds, never-ending Whatsapp chat messages...


05 October,2018 | 2 years read

Managing Stress For Teens

What stresses a teen out? This blog highlights stress management techniques which suits for teens. As long as we are alive, we all have stress. There goes a false assumption of parents that if their child does not have bills to pay or chores and responsibilities, their child is living...


06 September,2018 | 2 years read

Best Mental Health Apps For iPhone & Android

Apps have taken over our lives, from hourly reminders to drink water to commuting to even ordering food. But now apps have even delved into areas of mental health. You will find a hundred apps on mental health but most of these apps are designed by software developers instead of...


05 May,2018 | 3 years read

10 Ways Parents Can Help their Kids beat Exam Stress

Is your teen dealing with exam stress? As a parent, it is hard to perceive adolescent misery due to exam stress. It is not only your child facing these particulars. In India, 82.2% of students encounter high-stress level, a week before the exam. A study conducted by National Journal of...


22 March,2018 | 3 years read

Stress in Women

Why Stress Hits Working Women Harder? Due to the materialistic life and modern technologies in today’s world, 'Stress' has become one of the universal phenomena for all genders with respect to their level of significance. But women have begun enduring stress even before the bite of the forbidden fruit. Furthermore,...


02 February,2018 | 3 years read

Managing Festival Blues

Managing Festival Blues - Festival time around the corner!! The pressure of many things builds on. You have moved out of your nest to find a living, leaving behind all your good old days with family and friends; fighting with your sibling for that one flower pot, spending time with...


20 December,2017 | 3 years read

Relation Between Stress and Weight Gain

“If there is no solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don't waste time worrying about it.” - Dalai Lama XIV What's the first thing you do when your partner shouts at you? Might you run for...


14 November,2017 | 3 years read

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