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When should you seek help?

Living in The Past

Not letting go of the past can become hard on your mental wellbeing in the long run. Unresolved trauma can lead to psychological disorders like depression and PTSD. Find the best clinical psychologist in Hyderabad to help you recover and get your life back on track.

Anxiety & Depression

Are you going through overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and sadness? Did you lose interest in things you otherwise enjoyed? Untreated depression can become fatal. Consult a clinical psychologist in Hyderabad who can help escape the negative cycle.

Psychotic Episodes

OCD, PTSD, and Schizophrenia can manifest in many ways and can hamper your life unless managed with timely treatment. If you’ve suffered from hallucinations, impulsions, constant negative thoughts, low self esteem and outbursts of impulsive behaviour, it is time for you to seek help.

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Consulting a Clinical Psychologist: FAQs

What is the role of a clinical psychologist?

A clinical psychologist will meet a client to evaluate emotional, mental, and behavioral dysfunctions through interviews and tests. They can help treat disorders like depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, eating disorders, substance abuse, PTSD, and much more. They can deal with both severe psychopathology and even minor maladjustment issues.

Is there a difference between clinical psychologists and psychologists?

Clinical psychologists have highly specialized training to diagnose, evaluate, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. On the contrary, general psychologists can treat healthier people who are going through mild mental health problems. However, both perform many similar functions and work in the same environments, such as hospitals, medical universities, private and community health clinics.

How can clinical psychologists help me?

Clinical psychologists at Cadabams can address a wide range of personal issues for a person of every age group. You can consult our professionals:

  • To improve your personal and professional life.
  • To learn to face your fears so you can accept reality.
  • To learn coping strategies to handle and solve personal issues through an objective perspective.
  • To manage and provide relief from painful emotions.
  • For getting rid of past traumatic experiences with guidance and support.
  • For building self-confidence in yourself and trust in others.
  • To understand and improve relationships.

In how much time can I see the results of the therapy?

The results of mental health treatment totally depend on a person's condition and the type of therapy used. Hence, the actual results of the therapies will differ from one person to another. The exact number of therapy sessions required will be recommended by your clinical psychologist. Adherence to therapy and medication regime is necessary to see positive patient outcomes.

How long is an average treatment program?

The duration of therapy sessions is based on the kind of therapies and how you respond to the treatment plan. These treatment plans can last for 20 to 30 sessions over six months duration. Additionally, longer treatment is ideal for those suffering from the co-occurring and chronic psychological disorder. Such therapies usually take around 12 to 18 months of sessions.