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How Can a Counsellor Help?

Counseling therapies can be transformational for people going through breakdowns due to a hectic lifestyle, relationship issues, trauma, or underlying conditions. Through our counseling sessions, you can enrich your relationships, career, and personality. Trained counselors can help you regain your self-esteem and confidence that you’ve lost over the years.

Our counselling centres in Hyderabad can help:

  • Youngsters facing education and career concerns or having substance abuse problems.
  • Children with behavioral problems.
  • Adults going through family, career, or marital struggles.
  • Adults facing difficulties in coping with life after retirement or empty nest syndrome.

What are the Different Counselling Approaches Used by Our Therapists?

Your counselor will suggest the therapy program well-suited for your issues. Sometimes the mental health professional at Cadabams may also use a combination of therapies to resolve your problems.

Here is a list of some of the crucial therapies used by our counselors to treat the patients.

Interpersonal Counseling

This therapy focuses on eradicating self-blame and negative thought patterns from a patient's mind. It's quite an effective approach for people suffering from depression. Our supportive and compassionate counselors will educate you about how your mental health is connected to certain stressors and show you ways to manage it better.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This kind of counseling focuses on a person's unconscious thoughts. This delves into thought processes and patterns that emerge through childhood trauma and influence current behaviour. During the counselling the therapist will discuss your childhood relationships with the parents and other important people in your life to find out the source of the trauma and help you work through it.

Humanistic Therapy

This talk therapy encourages individuals to think about their feelings and recognize their strengths. It is a holistic approach that focuses on personal growth. A counselor will recommend this therapy to people having depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and addiction issues.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most common psychotherapies used by counselors. It reforms your way of thinking by focusing on existing predicaments and practical solutions. The counselor will show you a positive approach to overcome negative thoughts and feelings and manage situations better. It's ideal for mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, stress, obsessions, phobias, and eating disorders.

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Counseling Services: FAQs

1. Who is a counselor?

A counselor or psychotherapist is a trained professional who establishes a trusting and restorative relationship with clients using interpersonal skills. The professional uses talk-based therapy to help people adjust to life's changes and develop self-understanding. Besides, he or she may sometimes work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to create an integrated, personalized, and comprehensive therapy plan for you.

2. What problems can counseling sessions solve?

Your therapist will assist you in interpreting the issues, exploring solutions/alternatives, and creating strategies. The goal of a proficient counselor is to enhance your personal functioning. Here are the issues that our counselors can help you with:

  • Relationship issues and physical abuse
  • work-related stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger issues
  • Stress management
  • Eating disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Communication problem
  • Addiction and substance abuse therapies at counselling centres in Hyderabad
  • Sexual assault
  • Trauma
  • Suicidal thoughts

3. What are the benefits of booking counselors at Cadabams?

You will witness improved interpersonal and communication skills by getting therapy from our qualified and experienced counselors. Out of the several counseling approaches, our professional will plan ideal for you to manage your stress. These counseling sessions will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. You'll learn emotion management and self-acceptance by eliminating self-criticizing habits. Usually, such counseling sessions remain confidential between you and your therapist. Nothing will be disclosed unless there is a need for group discussion in the circumstances like family or relationship issues duringfamily counselling in Hyderabad.

4. Can a counselor diagnose a mental disorder?

Yes. A counselor is certified to do psychological diagnosis, basic assessment, psychological interventions, and treatment with individuals and groups at counselling centres in Hyderabad.

5. Can a counselor prescribe medicine to me?

It depends on the qualification of your assigned counselor. If your counselor has a psychiatry degree, he or she can prescribe you medicine. However, a counselor with a psychology degree can't write a prescription.