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Dr. Jasmine Mary John

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8 yrs of experience

English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

Ph.D. (Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS), M.Phil.

Psychiatric Social Work Consultant

Dr Jasmine Mary John is a Consultant Psychiatric Social Worker and the best marital and family therapist in Bangalore. With 8 years of intensive experience in the related field, she strives to bring an effective combination of knowledge, concern, clarity, and action to the counselling process and psychosocial interventions in order to maximize outcomes and provide reliable care to individuals and family members.
Dr Jasmine pursued her Ph.D. and MPhil in Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore. She is also a Certified Psychodrama Practitioner - (CPP) certified by VedaDrama, India in cooperation with Moreno Institute, Germany.
The areas of focus she has been working for is providing supportive interventions for parents and families of children with Developmental Disorders, Behavioral issues and Mental Health concerns. She is an active member of the Indian Council of Social Welfare and Indian Society of Professional Social Work as well. A well-versed family and marital therapist and an active participant of School Mental Health Programs, Dr Jasmine is dedicated to creating a safer space for her clients while using treatments and remedies that would best suit their personalities as well as conditions.

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M.Sc (Psychology), M.Phil Psychology, Phd in Psycho-oncology 

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

M.Phil degree in Clinical Psychology (RCI- licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist) from Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (RINPAS)

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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