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Dr. Shreedevi A U - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

QUALIFICATION: Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), M.Phil (Clinical Psychology)

Hello Everyone! Am Dr. Shreedevi A U, working as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Cadabam’s Hospitals. I pursued my Ph.D. and hold an M.Phil degree as well in the field of Clinical Psychology from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore.

I am a strong, self-motivated and result driven mental health professional and psychologist Doctor in India with Seventeen years of experience in Clinical Social Work, Teaching, Research and Counselling Programs. In a comprehensive way, I counsel people with lifestyle induced adjustment difficulties and stressors.

Having fine-tuning skills and a great passion for psychology, I provide Interventions for the young ones/adults experiencing stress and anxiety due to academic and workplace pressure.

I employ a good therapeutic approach to treating mentally disturbed people through giving them social skills training, self-help skills, behavior modification, supportive psychotherapy, problem-solving skills, anger management and vocational training.

I not only provide psychoeducation, group Therapy and grief counseling sessions based on therapeutic interventions to patients with various psychiatric illnesses such as bipolar, depression, stress but also for neurological disorders such as epilepsy, stroke.

With a strong background in the field of psychology, I possess hands-on skills in conducting therapeutic programs for children, young adults, couple and specialized groups and communicate with people of all age groups to rectify and help them get a better understanding of their struggles.