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Our Specialities

Four Specialities to Address All Your Mental Health Needs

Psychiatric Emergency

Situations like attempted suicicde, substance abuse, and other critical instances need immediate intervention. Our psychiatric emergency team provides prompt response and care in such mental health crises.


From addiction and dementia to depression and more, we identify problems, define rehabilitation goals, and provide clinical care for various psychiatric disorders.


We are on a mission to end the stigma around Mental Health in india. We provide counseling to all patients to resolve problems, promote wellness, and assist them in leading a healthy life.


Different types of therapies like CBT, family, group, and neuro-physiotherapy is offered at our facility to help patients and families address mental health concerns and disorders, relieve symptoms, heal, and recover.

Our Mission is to end the stigma around mental health in India. To achieve this we are building mental health services that are comprehensive and accessible. We are committed to providing the highest standard of care and believe that each individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

What Makes Cadabams Different?

28+ Years of Experience

Our established track record that speaks volumes of our credibility and commitment towards our patients

10,000+ Patients

We have a large, multi-speciality team of mental health professionals working together to improve lives

The team at Cadabams is committed to providing the best treatment options and support to improve the lives of those living with mental illnesses. Cadabam’s houses the most comprehensive range of mental health services with the most updated methods in India. We provide round-the-clock responses for people facing mental health crises or in need of emergency care. We help you find a way back to life with a renewed sense of hope, vitality, and energy.

800+ Treatment Capacity

As the largest and the best psychiatric hospital in Hyderabad, our extensive capacity allows us to provide treatment and care to a large number of patients every day

20+ Treatment Modalities

We use proven approaches and methodologies to create custom treatment plans that suit your unique needs.

100+ Professionals

We help thousands of patients integrate back into society every year to live a better, happier, and healthier life.

It is our vision and mission to be a specialty care hospital in psychiatry and neurology and provide only the best treatments, support, and care for all those living with and affected by mental health struggles. At Cadabams, we have state of the art infrastructure and equipment and a team of expert doctors and professionals who have undergone extensive training in psychiatry and mental healthcare. Supported by a team of counselors, nurses, social workers, and more, we ensure that each patient gets the treatment they need and deserve.

At Cadabams,we've always got your back.

Meet Our Team of Specialist Doctors and Trained Staff

Dr. Rithika Alladi - Online Consultant Psychologist

Dr Rithika Alladi

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Praveen Kumar Dontula

Consultant Psychiatrist

For world-class treatments, you need a world-class team. At Cadabam’s, we have a stellar team of psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors and care providers that work closely with patients to deliver an exceptional healthcare experience.

What We Offer

The Cadabams Promise

Crisis Intervention

Panic attacks, loss of a loved one, failures in professional lives, and more - a lot can go wrong, leaving a person emotionally and psychologically exhausted and incapable. We offer crisis intervention to help individuals during such difficult times.

Post-Treatment Care

Certain triggers in everyday life can cause your mental health conditions to relapse even after a period of successful recovery. Our team is equipped with relapse prevention plans and we offer regular follow up care to help avoid a relapse.

Community Support

With certain mental health disorders it isn’t always easy to resume a normal life and reintegrate with society immediately post treatment. At times like these, our strong community support can help you navigate through life at your own pace.

24/7 Support

As the best psychiatry hospital in Hyderabad, the team at Cadabam’s commits to be available round-the-clock for anyone and everyone who needs help with mental health problems. We’re always just one call away.

Caregiver Therapy

Those who provide care to people living with mental health disorders need care and support as well. Our caregiver therapy is designed distinctly to assist caregivers to manage their emotions better, maintain their mental health, and be resilient.

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    Treatment FAQs

    What type of mental health problems do you offer treatment for?

    At Cadabam’s, as a top mental hospital in Hyderabad, we offer a comprehensive solution, which covers every type of mental health disorder and psychiatric problems. It includes everything from drug addiction to depression and anxiety to autism and Alzheimer’s. If you or your loved ones are struggling with any kind of mental health disorder, please get in touch with us.

    What treatment options are available for depression?

    We offer a wide range of treatments for depression. The treatment protocol depends on that person’s individual needs. For instance, in depression with severe symptoms, group therapy might not be a good idea. So, after a proper diagnosis, our expert will outline a fitting treatment plan for your depression.

    How many therapy sessions do I have to attend?

    This depends on the objective of the therapy sessions, as well as the severity of your problems. In the beginning, the therapist may give you a basic timeline of how long you should continue your therapy sessions.

    Which specialists are there in your team?

    From clinical psychologists and psychiatrists to therapists and caregivers, we have a multidisciplinary and multi speciality team of professionals. So, whatever are your needs, we have you covered.

    Do treatments for depression work?

    Different people respond differently to different treatments. During the course, your doctor would closely monitor your improvements. If there’s no or slow improvement, they may modify the treatment plan. In any case, if you stick to your treatments, you will very likely see positive results.

    Do you offer treatment for addiction?

    Yes, Cadabam’s is a trusted psychiatric hospital in Hyderabad for addictions. We offer treatment for all types of addictions, from drugs and alcohol to cigarettes, marijuana, amphetamines and more. If you or your loved ones are struggling with any form of addiction, please reach out to us.

    What if I relapse?

    We offer post-treatment care that ensures you’re on the right track. So, don’t worry about relapse. We’re always there for you in recovery – and beyond

    Will my private information be kept confidential?

    At Cadabam’s, we take the confidentiality of our patients/clients very seriously. Whatever you share with your therapist will remain completely confidential.

    Can I reach out to a therapist in case of an emergency?

    Yes, absolutely. You can reach out to your therapist at any time if you need their help. Alternatively, you can contact us via our 24/7 helpline +91 97414 76476. We will assist you further.