Adult Psychiatry


International Patients

Visa assistance:

  • A brief application form needs to be filled and scanned copies of previous medical records needs to be sent by email, post reviewing this the team will issue a certificate required for obtaining the visa and immigration
  • A SPOC for admission will be provided who will take care of all the needs of travel, visa, medical information etc.
  •  Necessary documentation for attendant visa depending on the geographic location will be handled
  • In cases of emergencies the applications can be processed in less than 24 hours, however the time taken on the visa depends on the local Indian Consulate

Travel assistance

Domestic Travel – The team will be able to help with the following requirements

      • Book and plan local travel needs towards the end of the treatment
      • Handle multiple travel schedules, locations
      • Airport pick up and drop services (pre-booking)
      • Avail a vehicle on an ongoing basis during the tenure of the treatment
      • Hire a car for a specific day or location


    • Bookings, co-ordination of flight tickets, confirmation

Tours & packages

  • Various recreation, hill stations, back waters, temple tours, ancient / historic places visits can be arranged on request with a planned itinerary
  • Hotel arrangements for the care givers can be provided at an additional cost on confirmation of the admission and can be pre-booked. The accommodation types vary from budget hotels, semi luxury hotels, business hotels, to luxury hotels within a radius of 10 kms from the treatment facility
  • Long stay guest houses for care givers can be arranged for any stays extending beyond a couple of weeks, a service apartment or a guest house can be arranged for on a rental basis

Follow on post care – Guided re-integration into mainstream either with psychologist and psychiatrist, online / tele-counselling or consulting, mutually decided between the patient’s family and the treating team and patient

Professionals with international degrees with and trained specialists with extensive experience in general psychiatry, de-addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy, and motivational work

Living options / living spaces / boarding option – The hospital has 32 beds spread across 4 floors, with two 4-bed dormitories, a closed section of 8 beds for those patients who are in need of acute care, 8 suites and 5 double bed wards and for emergencies 2 extra beds and 3 beds in the intensive care unit are at hand

Concierge services – A concierge desk that is well equipped to handle your local tours, basic shopping needs, online assistance, travel and guided tours is at hand to make your stay and visit easy and comfortable