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MR. CADABAM M. RAMESHMr. Cadabam M. Ramesh- Chairman

Chairman, Cadabam’s Group

When his sister Amitha was diagnosed with mental retardation, Mr. Cadabam M. Ramesh, was faced with the daunting task of finding the right professional organizations to take care of her and the lack of such professional organizations inspired him to conceive Cadabam’s – 22 years ago – and launched it into what has today become the country’s premier psychosocial rehabilitation center. He breathes life into the managerial team at Cadabam’s and ensures care and compassion because of his personal experience. He loves interacting with the patients and has amazing skills to interact with mentally ill people and his understanding of the patients is exceptional. It is a joy to see him interact with a natural panache with people with mental illness as he showers them with his love, care and patience.

His vision is to identify the right talent and give them an opportunity be it his employees or the residents. His strong spirit, energy, boundless passion and the capability to find the right talent is a source of inspiration to the team. He is the guiding light for the entire team at Cadabam’s