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M.Sc Psychology, M.Phil Psychology,(PHD) Consultant Clinical PsychologistMrs. ANITHA B - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Hi Friends! I am Anitha. I completed my M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from our very own Jain University, and I am presently pursuing my Doctorate in Psycho-Oncology. I possess three years of work experience in clinical practice along with Research and Training. My fluency in English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil gives me a cutting edge.

I hold a fairly strong background in Neuropsychology. The related assessments and therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Insight Building are my keen areas of interest. Other than that, my comprehensive analysis of the clients suffering from personality disorders, psychosis related illness, Depression and Anxiety undergoes relentless practice and development. I am an innovator at heart and believe in implementing evidence based practice frameworks to rectify the situation of my clients.

My devotion in the fields of Individual Therapy, Marital Therapy and Family Therapy involves an integrated approach by working in sync with the patient and their family. I try to weigh and identify all the aspects of a person's life- personal, psychological, cultural as well as spiritual. I, then, decide the necessary course of action to heal the person's mental health condition.

In other areas like Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Child and Adolescent Therapy, I employ my skills according to the age of the client. I constantly work hard on my ability to communicate with all age groups in an amicable way in various psychological assessments, counseling and psychotherapy.