Bhumi Puja of Anvita – Long-term Residential Care Center

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This center will offer world-class facilities and personalised treatment plans for all psychiatric illnesses. 

Bangalore, 30th January 2021: Cadabams Group, a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, added a new residential block in its Anvita Residential Psychosocial Complex. This new long-term care center can house up to 200 people with mental health problems ranging from mild to severe intensities. A bhumi puja was performed today by Mr Cadabam M. Ramesh, Chairman of Cadabams Group and Sampath Kumari, Sister of Late Amitha Cadabam along with Mr Sandesh R Cadabam, Managing Director, Mrs Sudha R Cadabam and Ms M K Saraswati, Vice Chairpersons, and Mr Ananth Rag Yalamuri, Director Admin. 

This residential rehab complex offers accommodations stretching from luxurious cottages to multi-bedded wards. With state-of-the-art facilities and leveraging technological assets like motion sensors, 24x7 patient monitoring system and holistic treatment plans, Anvita aims at ensuring a comfortable stay and recovery journey. 

With the launch of this center, Cadabams Group inches closer to its resolve of making mental healthcare accessible to all. “Anvita Residential complex with its expert team of multispecialty professionals will be a one of its kind facility with fully-furnished, comfortable rooms and will supplement recovery in the lap of nature”, says Mr Sandesh Cadabam.  

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