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Everything To Know About Geriatric Psychiatry – Overview

Geriatric psychiatry is a subspeciality within psychiatry that focuses on the emotional and mental disorders in older people above the age of 65. It involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of problems like depression, anxiety, dementia, schizophrenia, and more. 

Given mental health problems among older people can stem from so many different factors, the treatment plan in geriatric psychiatry often adopts a holistic approach, involving the family members of the seniors and collaborating with other healthcare professionals like nurses and therapists.

Geriatric Psychiatrists improve the mental health of the elderly with various neuropsychiatric issues that are usually associated with the process of aging.

Common Problems they Experience

Senior citizens may experience a mental decline as they grow older; some more than others. Older adults can experience dementia, which leads to an impairment in basic functions and can increase the risk of other mental illnesses like depression, paranoia, and anxiety. Some common mental health conditions that are experienced by senior citizens include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Verbal outbursts, loss of motor skills, aggression, lashing out, and other behavioral concerns
  • Suicide rates
  • Alcohol and substance abuse

This is where geriatric counseling services come in because they will help senior citizens deal with the various transitions that come with aging. The geriatric doctors in Bangalore help the patients manage their emotions, search for new sources of pleasure, and find positive support systems.  A geriatric psychiatrist can help the patients cope with their fear of death, and also teach them to deal with grief as friends and family members pass away.

Mostly, older adults tend to opt for geriatric counseling to seek treatment for mental health problems that may not be related to aging. The number of geriatric patients seeking help with mental health is increasing now, more than before. This is mostly because of the increasing awareness of the importance of mental health among individuals of all age groups. Geriatric therapists help seniors address any issues from their childhood or early adulthood, their current life changes and adjustments, and if they are facing any stress or family concerns.

Promoting mental health in senior citizens is quite important because it encourages a healthy aging process and keeps them active in the golden years of their life. Myths that say the elderly are frail and helpless can often cause irritability in senior citizens. Geriatric counseling allows patients to make their own decisions and live independently. Even if they experience a slight decline in their cognitive abilities, they don’t let it affect their personality as they grow older.

At Cadabam's Hospitals, we take a multidisciplinary approach to the mental health issues of the elderly involving psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, and neuropsychologists. Our experienced team of experts draws up a customised treatment plan keeping in mind the needs and comforts of the senior citizen.  


  • Consultation for neuropsychiatric problems in the elderly such as dementia, depression, etc.
  • Screening, evaluation, and management
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Support groups for caregivers of people with dementia
  • Elderly home care services for people with dementia

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Our personalized and evidence-based approach has enabled us to write countless incredible stories of helping people live a healthier and happier life. 

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FAQs About Geriatric Psychiatry

>What does geriatric psychiatry mean?

Geriatric is a medical speciality that deals with the healthcare of older people. Geriatric psychiatry is a subspeciality of psychiatry that deals with the emotional and mental wellbeing of older people. It includes diagnosing, evaluating, and treating mental health problems that are often associated with the process of aging.

>What age is geriatric psychiatry for?

Geriatric psychiatrists deal with patients above the age of 65 years old; people who are generally defined as older adults.

>What does a geriatric psychiatrist do?

Diagnosing and treating mental health problems, especially in older people, isn’t static. It involves tying a lot of loose ends. So, the role of a geriatric psychiatric is rather broad. To ensure their patients are healthy and happy, they go beyond the process of diagnosing and evaluating mental health problems, as well as outlining a proper treatment.

They often work closely with the patients’ families and other healthcare professionals. The objective is to provide patients maximum comfort, convenience, and a better experience. Top geriatric psychiatrists go beyond their duty lines to make this happen.

>What are the most common psychiatric illnesses in the elderly?

The process of aging can be emotionally and mentally tolling, resulting in many psychiatric illnesses in the elderly. Depression, anxiety disorder, dementia, and bipolar disorder are among the most common problems.

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