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Psychometric assessments & diagnosis

A psychological assessment involves the intended use of specific psychometric assessment tests to determine a diagnosis or for deeper understanding of a personality. It includes complex diagnoses that help clarify symptoms/coping style/personality, or, specifying the types of therapy to assist the individual.  

Psychometric assessments & diagnosis helps define the prevailing situation/problems and critical elements of personal history. It also engages the individual with the assessment process. The tests get a unique perspective on related issues while also highlighting where and how treatment and therapy probably need to be focused.

Psychometric assessments and Diagnosis- How it works? 

When it comes to Psychometric assessments & diagnosis, many psychological analyses are assessing almost any variable you could imagine. Categories of the test more important to clinical assessment include:

  • Diagnostic assessments or psychopathology assessments 
  • Projective tests like rorschach, Thematic Apperception Test 
  • IQ tests 
  • Personality assessments
  • Child and behavioral issues assessments like ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, specific learning disability, behavioral issues 
  • Tests of neuropsychological functioning (such as executive function, attention, memory, reasoning)
  • Brief symptom measures 

Benefits of Psychometric assessments 

For Professionals: 

  • Helps you check and challenge your diagnoses, specify treatment-related factors 
  • Helps clarify what intensity of intervention is required 
  • Insights from these evaluations help you build a collaborative formulation and therapy plan with people and improving the likelihood of treatment outcome
  • It helps you to engage with people about distressing, difficult or complex issues.

For Individuals: 

  • Assessment empowers communication and genuine respect for the individual
  • The individual is a fundamental part of the process rather than just the ‘subject’ of an assessment
  • It allows legitimacy to an evaluation process
  • It promotes rapport-building with people in the form of a common understanding and conclusions on interventions /or treatments 
  • A therapeutic assessment has a clinical impact on the equivalent to a similar period of counselling or therapy. 

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