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EAP Counseling

EAP is an essential tool to increase the productivity of the employee at the workplace. Experts suggest employee’s health issues pull down the organization’s workdays by 14% each year. EAP can help the employee to reduce health risks. This counseling program provides the employee to manage and balance work and life problems better. Furthermore, individuals foster a healthier, happier workplace with increased productivity.

Why Choose us for EAP Counseling Services?

Our dedicated team of counselors is available 24/7 to provide comprehensive information on mental health and emotional well-being. Furthermore, our services relating to employee track records are completely kept confidential.

Confidentiality, professional team, and dedication are what we assure. Cadabam’s fosters a welcoming environment where religion, race, gender, age, sexual orientation are accepted without judgment. At Cadabam’s, we aim to inspire the purpose, validate the actions, and realize the life skills of a person meanwhile providing the best quality of life with assisted care and treatments.

Our counseling addresses problems including:

  • Personal
  • Work-life effectiveness
  • Improving relationships
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Working relationships
  • Life goals
  • Trauma, grief and loss
  • Depression, stress and other mental illnesses
  • Positive parenting
  • Communication skills
  • Drug, alcohol and substance abuse

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Individualized, evidence-based treatment plans
  • Family and personal interventions
  • Coaching and skill development
  • Safety and coping skills development
  • Psychoeducation

Other services include:

  • Home counseling
  • Online counseling
  • School mental health programs
  • 24-hour psychiatric emergency helpline
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Wellness talks
  • Psychometric profiling


> How to choose the perfect EAP counseling service for your business?

Select a Qualified Professional

All EAP counseling services are not equal. Some EAP psychotherapy services will employ staff who have no formal qualifications and have limited experience. There are no minimum education requirements and they don’t have any industry standard. These unqualified counselors are cost-saving techniques, but they don’t help the employee’s well-being in any way.

When looking for EAP India counselors, look for services that have registered and qualified psychologists. Whether it’s face to face consultations, or if they are done online, a trained psychologist can handle complex problems in a relevant manner.

Look for a 24/7 Service Provider

Sometimes emergencies can take place outside office hours, and you need to have an EAP psychotherapy service that is available round the clock. To avoid any crises, the staff should have immediate access to a qualified counselor. They should receive help with any problem they are experiencing. At times, depressed or suicidal calls will occur during the weekend or at night. These calls should be answered straight away, you can’t way till the next business hour to tackle the situation.

Is industry experience important?

Yes, if the EAP service provider has the same industry experience as your company then they are likely to understand employee stressors and the type of work they do. For instance, mining companies will have trouble with their relationships due to their strenuous work commitments. This industry’s employees will need a combination of counseling and physical rehabilitation services to help them be more productive at work. Once the employees begin to receive a good standard of care, it shows in the company’s overall performance.

If your company is looking for good EAP counseling services, then you have to do your research and look beyond the brochures to ensure that they are relevant and meet your employee’s needs now and in the future. Once you get the qualified EAP provider, they will provide you with the best service possible.

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