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Home Counseling Services

At times, therapists go to their patients’ homes when the latter are unwilling to attend the therapy sessions in a medical setting. Home counseling can be used to treat all kinds of mental health disorders, right from depression, anxiety, and OCD to psychosis, PTSD, panic disorder, and more.

At Cadabam’s Hospitals, we have a multi-specialty team of experts that offers home-based mental health services. Our treatments are tailored to suit individual needs and requirements. Ensuring people the best treatment, all the while maintaining their privacy and convenience, we assure you of the finest experience. If you or your loved ones are in need of home-based counseling, get in touch with us today.

Many hospitals, non-government organizations, and community health organizations provide home counseling services. This helps anyone and everyone get treated with no access to professional treatment. This concept is fairly new for people unaware of the benefits of in-home sessions.

Psychologists providing counseling services at their patients’ places help them by:

  • Identifying their goals or struggles, responsible for their emotional turmoil
  • Finding potential solutions to their mental health problems
  • Improving communication and coping skills; to strengthen self-esteem
  • Promoting behavioral change and optimal mental health.

What to expect from Home Counseling?

During home counseling, more than one therapist may provide the necessary advice and services to the patient affected. The services provided are unbiased of the age and gender of the patient. Home counseling services have their benefits as the therapists find it easy to build rapport not only with the patients but with their families too. 

Researchers have proved that children attending more in-home therapies are more likely to recover from their emotional distress than those who miss out on their sessions with their therapists at the hospitals.

The fact that counseling services at patients’ homes involve the use of techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, multisystemic therapy, social learning theory, solution-focused therapy, and psycho-education for families render them an effective option to treat mental health problems responsible for distorted thoughts, wrong perceptions, abusive behavior, and broken relationships.

Home counseling therapy can be conducted by – 

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Counselors
  • Social workers and
  • Other mental health professionals

More about home-based therapy sessions:

Patients usually prefer their therapists to conduct home counseling in their living rooms or dining spaces. These services work best for children and teenagers who feel anxious and hesitate to visit hospitals, or feel threatened to discuss their problems in front of strangers. Some therapists may want to check out their patients’ rooms to learn more about them.

This personalized approach helps the therapists to build and develop good relations with their teenage patients. Some people are not comfortable having therapists at their homes and, hence, prefer sessions in parks or discuss their problems while taking a stroll down the beach.

Though home counseling services have their benefits, it must not be deemed as the sole approach to mental health treatment. Visits to psychiatric clinics are important with counseling services at home reserved only as a supplement to office sessions.

Typically, home counseling program helps deal with issues like:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Response to grief or stress
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Family disputes  
  • Symptoms of Trauma
  • Behavioral management
  • Life skills development (communication, time management, and social skills)
  • Life coaching
  • Anger management and conflict resolution

Types of home counseling services

Home counseling services provide services depending on the nature and severity of the patients’ mental health problems. This therapy may be used to treat affected individuals, couples, teenagers, or families.

  • Individual therapy – It is a one-on-one basis talk session with a therapist
  • Couples therapy – In this type of home-based therapy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship and resolve their conflicts
  • Play therapy – It is used primarily for children
  • Family therapy – This type of counseling helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts
  • Intense Psychiatric therapy: Children and teenagers discharged from residential treatment facilities, or psychiatric hospitals, need medical support. Home counselors provide much needed intensive in-home psychiatric care, thus, aiding in their recovery.

Advantages of home-based therapy

The collaborative process of counseling at home and its benefits go far beyond just the convenience of getting treated at home, reduced travel hassles, along with increased comfort and privacy. By employing the home-based therapeutic techniques, to resolve mental health issues, patients also avail added benefits like:

  • A stronger relationship with the therapist
  • Personalized advice to get rid of addiction habits
  • Empowering the patient’s family to develop a community support system
  • Continued care for the affected
  • Increased family associations with positive influences
  • Improved vocational and/or academic performance
  • Positive behavioral reinforcement
  • Anger management and social skills development

Why choose Cadabam’s home counseling services?

We put our 28+ years of expertise to ensure that you get the treatment you need and deserve. Our multispecialty team of psychologists, counsellors, physicians work round the clock and are with you every step of the way. Our 24/7 support, customised and holistic plans help us work with you. At Cadabams, we care for you. Cadabam’s counseling services at home include:

  • Marital counseling: To improve intimacy and help resolve conflicts
  • Family counseling: To build up communication within the family unit and to enhance relationships and strengthen bonds
  • Personal counseling: To increase the patient’s self-awareness, encourage self-exploration, identify boundaries, enhance communication skills, and improve the use of healthy coping skills
  • Child & adolescent counseling: To increase self-esteem, confidence, and assertiveness
  • Parenting counseling: This therapy provides the necessary knowledge, tools, and guidance required to have a healthy relationship with children.

Other services include:

  • Online counseling
  • Employee Assisted Program
  • School mental health programs
  • All-round psychiatric emergency and crisis support

The first home counseling session takes approximately 40 to 45 minutes that aids the counselors to determine how to best assist the patients. This first mode of counseling could be face-to-face and online counseling. Those uncomfortable with online counseling, they can request home counseling services. 

Cadabams Hospitals have certified professionals who have expertise in providing mental health treatment services through both online and home counseling services. 

Online home counseling

Social distancing is mandatory in these pandemic times. To avoid physical proximity in such times, patients can consult for home counseling online. You may call us to book an online appointment. Before getting in touch with your home counselor at Cadabams you may message your therapist from anywhere, at any time – on the web or mobile.To know about online home counseling fees, session timings, and availability of doctors, do get in touch with us.

FAQs About Home Counseling

> Do therapists visit patients’ homes for counseling?

Not all. Therapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who offer home-based services do visit patients’ homes. So, if you’re looking for counseling at home, you’ll have to find someone who offers that specific service.

> Is home counseling effective?

The effectiveness of counseling varies from one individual to another. So, there’s no guarantee. However, generally, counseling is very beneficial for a wide range of mental health problems. Millions of people around the world rely on it to live a better life. In that, home counseling is effective. A counselor visits you in a space where you’re more comfortable and responsive. If anything, for some people, this can be more beneficial.

> Why choose home counseling?

There are many people who aren’t comfortable in group settings or going outdoors. They feel safer and more comfortable in a place that they know. So, they choose home counseling. For instance, if someone has social anxiety, home counseling is usually something they would choose instead of going out in a social setting and experiencing something that they are trying to resolve.

> Can home counseling help me?

It depends on the kind of problems you’re dealing with, as well as the approach and methodologies of the counselor. Consult a qualified expert and let them evaluate your condition. They would be in a better position to answer whether home counseling can help you or not. If not, they can recommend the right course of treatment.

> What to expect in home counseling sessions?

Home counseling is meant to make the person feel comfortable and at ease. So, in the first few sessions, the counselor will ask you questions to get more insights about you and your problems. You will also get the opportunity to get to know your counselor better. Remember, treating mental health problems has to be a teamwork between the counselor and the patient. Both must get along well and be on the same platform to achieve the desired outcome.

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