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REBT Therapy

We, humans, are often terribly unaware of what we are telling ourselves. Self-talk occurs subconsciously and quite rapidly. Without the knowledge of the conscious mind, our self-talk can be excessively demeaning, demanding, degrading and downright mean. 

Specifically, the kind of language we use on ourselves, the kind of language that goes on inside the mind, beneath the surface, out of sight and yet extremely potent in its ability to determine our moods and our behaviours.

REBT therapy lays out several fundamental faults in thinking which can easily cause a person to feel depressed, anxious, frightened, frustrated or angry, to name a few of the more common negative emotions. Through awareness of these faulty patterns of thinking, change can begin. Once a person becomes aware of these irrational thoughts, they can be challenged and changed to more reasonable, realistic patterns of internal dialogue, referred to as “self-talk. 

What is REBT therapy? 

REBT therapy is a form of psychotherapy method that intends to help people learn about the distinction between rational and irrational thinking patterns. It is a solution-focused therapy trying to resolve cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems in a person.

The main emphasis of this Rational emotive behaviour therapy is on getting to replace the emotional balance by reflecting in more realistically ways.

What Illnesses does REBT therapy address? 

It relates to specific issues be it- 

  • Relationship issues
  • Grief or loss
  • Addictions
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Eating disorders or any number of psychosomatic ailments. 

Benefits of REBT Therapy

REBT therapy helps the individual with-

  • Learning that certain life-acceptance and self-acceptance is important for gaining mental wellness.
  • It helps you to identify, battle, evaluate, and fight against self- defeating unreasonable beliefs not only to feel great but also to get better.
  • Helps you build rational thoughts that point to goal achievement as well as more personal harmony. 
  • Through REBT therapy, a person learns to overcome conflicts with others and how to enhance health.
  • A person learns and believes that the main reason for his/her emotional reactions is the feelings about the event instead of the event itself.
  • How to react to circumstances and situations in more realistic ways 
  • Learn how to not respond to their irrational thoughts
  • Realize that at times, a person can’t manage his/her life. But, can restrain how the way they react to the situations.

Is REBT therapy effective? 

According to a research study, REBT therapy has shown real effects on many people and is comprehended to be a validated approach in changing an individual’s negative responses driving to a happier life.

If you feel that stress, depression, anxiety or any other emotional issues are hindering your daily life actions, then it is good to get to understand how REBT therapy activities can benefit you to manage them the right way. REBT therapy is considered one of the most effective non-chemical treatments of depression and anxiety, yes and it’s worth some investigations.

What to expect during the REBT therapy session? 

The process of REBT therapy involves a collaboration between the person and the therapist to change the irrational disputing beliefs. It is a cognitive-behavioural process meaning that emphasizes restructuring emotional functions in a person, redefining their dilemmas by altering their attitudes to develop acceptable patterns of thoughts and behaviours.

The REBT therapist works to help the person recognize that their beliefs are illogical and should be challenged. This is called disputing. The person may experience many types of rational emotive behaviour therapy exercises to recognize that their thinking is irrational. 

The person comes to know the belief he or she is miserable is an irrational one. Finally, the person determines to replace their irrational beliefs with more practical ones that allow more appropriate behaviours and thought patterns. As such they have developed the outcome, the individual would engage himself in behaviours that can strengthen him with newer beliefs. Once the method is learned, the individual can use it in their lifetime ever onwards. They understand the influence thoughts have on their subsequent behaviours and feelings.
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