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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms are in response to a traumatic event, which include intrusive memories, negative changes in mood, thinking, and physical and emotional reactions, and avoidance of places, things, etc. that remind the person of the trauma.

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PTSD Treatment: All You Need To Know


Living with PTSD and Overcoming It: Client Stories

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I have been consulting the doctors at Cadabam’s for over 6 months now for my father who has dementia. The doctors and staff at the hospital are very polite and kind and have provided excellent support and care right from day one. They not only explain the treatment plan thoroughly but also take out the time to make sure we understand complications and side effects that could come along the way. If you or your loved one is dealing with any mental health issues, I highly recommend Cadabam’s.

I’m very happy with the doctors, medical staff, and facilities at Cadabam’s hospital. Apart from being highly skilled in the field, the doctors and other medical staff are also very patient and supportive. Right from diagnosing the issue to prescribing medicines and creating the perfect treatment plan, they are with you every step of the way. I am glad I reached out to the team at Cadabam’s for counseling sessions.

I have observed great improvements in my son who has autism. The treatment plan created by the doctors has helped reduce the symptoms and he now is slowly learning new skills that assist him in his day-to-day activities. I cannot thank the team at Cadabam’s enough for giving my son the opportunity to have a happy and healthy childhood.

Excellent doctors, excellent team of medical staff, excellent facilities. From the people to the facilities and infrastructure, Cadabam’s has everything you need to address and improve your mental health illnesses.

I’m extremely grateful to the doctors and the entire team at Cadabams for creating an action plan to help me with my anxiety. I was finding it very difficult to maintain a social life and even focus on my career because of my severe anxiety. But now that I have been meeting with the team for over a year, I can proudly say that I have gotten much better at understanding and dealing with my anxiety. Thank you Cadabam’s!

My wife and I were not able to maintain a healthy relationship due to a lot of personal issues. Just when we thought our marriage would be over, we decided to seek couple’s counseling at Cadabam’s. The team of therapists and psychologists helped us build back our relationship and taught us how to communicate better and reduce conflicts in our day to day life.

I used to run around to consult different professionals for cmy son’s treatment. At Cadabam’s, it was so much more convenient. From psychiatrists to rehabilitation, they had it all. I am really happy with how they have helped my son and I can see immense changes in him.

What really struck me was how polite and understanding the professionals were. We availed home care services from Cadabams and the professional was so understanding. They took their time, spoke to all the members, and gave us an in-depth understanding of the illness. We have now started coming in for regular sessions. It’s worth it!

It was the first time we had faced something like this. Our daughter was going through immense strain and wasn’t responding to anything we said. That was when we contacted Cadabams, and we were surprised by how prompt they were with treatment. They treated our situation as an emergency and took immense care of our daughter.

Symptoms for PTSD

Symptoms may include –

  • Intrusion – intrusive thoughts or memories, flashbacks or nightmares related to the traumatic event.
  • Avoidance – of things, conversations, people, or places that trigger memories of the traumatic event.
  • Changes in mood and cognition – inability to experience positive emotions, distorted perceptions or beliefs regarding oneself, others, the causes or the consequences of the trauma, not remembering important aspects of the traumatic event, less interest in pleasurable activities, etc.
  • Changes in arousal and reactivity – difficulty concentrating or sleeping, hyper-vigilance, anger outbursts, reckless behaviour, being easily startled, etc.

Types of PTSD

There are 3 major types of PTSD –

  • Complex PTSD. Comes from long-term trauma, experienced as trouble with emotional regulation, dissociation or frequently relieving the traumatic event, changed perception of self leading to shame or guilt, social withdrawal, etc.
  • Comorbid PTSD. Experiencing PTSD along with another mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or suicidal tendencies.
  • Dissociative PTSD. Experiencing PTSD symptoms because of exposure to a stressor, experiencing negative changes to mood and avoiding places or people that remind of the stressor.

Causes for PTSD

Being exposed to trauma in terms of witnessing, experiencing, or learning about an experience that is severely traumatic can lead to PTSD. Some examples of such events include –

  • Military combat,
  • Childhood abuse or neglect,
  • Severe injury,
  • Physical or sexual assault,
  • Auto accidents,
  • Witnessing death or violence,
  • Terrorism,
  • Traumatic birth,
  • Getting diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Treatment for PTSD

Individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and medications are effective treatment approaches for recovering from PTSD.
If you or your loved one is suffering from PTSD, help is available. Cadabam’s offers high quality PTSD treatment in Hyderabad. Reach out to us on our helpline number 9741476476.


How does Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) treat PTSD?

CBT can help identify and change the unhealthy patterns of thoughts and emotions connected to one’s perception of the traumatic event.

How do medications help treat PTSD?

Medications can help increase the levels of serotonin, which helps in the regulation of mood, sleep, and appetite, and can reduce anxiety.

Why is group therapy effective for PTSD?

Group therapy can help provide social support, validation, learning from others, and a room to contribute to others that can aid in the recovery process from PTSD.

How long do PTSD symptoms last?

For the diagnosis of PTSD, symptoms must last for more than a month. The recovery for some may happen within 6 months and may take longer for others.

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