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Relationship issues can come in various forms, ranging from communication breakdowns and conflicts over financial matters to infidelity and differences in values and goals. These issues often result from a lack of trust, unresolved traumas, and stressors. These issues can strain a relationship, leading to resentment, emotional distance, and, in some cases, even the threat of separation or divorce.

At Cadabams, we understand the complexity of these issues and are committed to helping couples navigate them effectively. We have a dedicated team of trained marriage and family therapists with expertise in addressing these challenges. Our professionals employ a multifaceted approach to therapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples counseling, and individual sessions, all customized to meet the unique needs of each couple.

Creating a safe and non-judgmental space for open dialogue is a cornerstone of our therapeutic process. Our therapists encourage partners to express their thoughts and feelings openly, fostering honest communication and empathy. As a result, couples can collaboratively work through their issues, rebuild trust, and develop healthier ways of relating to one another.

To embark on your journey toward a healthier relationship, you can conveniently book your sessions online today or visit our website for more information.

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Treatment Modalities

Used to create personalized treatment plans that meet the needs of you of your loved one

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Types of Relationship Issues

Various types of relationship issues exist, such as –

  • Negative communication,
  • Emotional distance,
  • Infidelity,
  • Unmet emotional needs,
  • Intimacy issues,
  • Lack of boundaries,
  • Problems with in-laws,
  • Unresolved conflicts,
  • Lack of attraction,
  • Financial issues causing relationship strains,
  • Life stages – such as changing career, children leaving, etc.

Causes for Relationship Issues

There could be various factors that contribute to relationship issues such as –

  • Past experiences – this could include the modelling that each partner’s parents had about relationships,
  • Life transitions – getting married, having a baby, moving for work, etc. can present new challenges for the couples to resolve,
  • Personal stress – going through financial difficulties, work problems, or issues with in-laws can all contribute,
  • Perception – the way a person perceives themselves, their partner, and their relationship can cause problems, especially when the person has a negative lens on,
  • Behavioural factors – disrespect, criticism, stonewalling, or defensiveness are all factors that contribute to relationship issues.

Treatment for Relationship Issues

Psychotherapy can be very effective in resolving relationship issues and enhancing the relationship quality. Psychotherapy can help explore issues, bridge the gap in communication, help enhance trust, and equip each partner with strategies to foster fulfilling relationships.
If you or your loved one is looking for a relationship or a marriage counselling centre, help is available. Cadabam’s is equipped with the best mental health professionals who are trained in enhancing relationship satisfaction between couples and other significant relationships. Reach out to us on our helpline number 9741476476.


Is relationship counselling required only for severe conflicts?

No, regardless of the severity, type, or even presence of a conflict, relationship counselling can help enhance relationship quality no matter where the individuals stand.

Are medications used for treating relationship issues?

Medications can be useful when one of the individuals sharing a relationship has a mental health condition that needs treatment and is contributing to relationship issues.

What kind of relationship issues can psychotherapy help with?

Psychotherapy can help with various relationship issues such as lack of communication or negative communication, trust issues, lack of relationship satisfaction, lack of attraction, emotional distance, etc.

How many psychotherapy sessions are required?

It depends on the individuals’ type and nature of concerns, the effectiveness of the sessions on them, as well as their commitment to work towards making changes to enhance their relationship.

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