Questions to ask your Child Psychologist

by cadabamshospital

30 March,2017 | 3 years read

Your first meeting or experience with a child psychologist can be quite unnerving and scary for both for you as well as your child. Maybe your child is experiencing some stress at school or is anxious or is having a temper issue and you just have no idea how do you go about addressing those issues; that is the time you should think about visiting a child psychologist. You are unsure of a lot of things, from the process to if there are solutions to those longstanding or difficult behavioural issues of your child, to even being unsure if your child would benefit from the consultation. But don’t worry, it’s okay to be uncertain because your child psychologist is trained and experienced enough to help you out with your doubts. Here are some sample questions you might have for your child psychologist.

Q: How does the therapy or sessions commence?

The child psychologist first meets with the parents. From understanding your family, the history of the problem, what has worked or not worked so far in order to combat the issue to learning about your child’s strengths and pitfalls. They would establish rapport with the child, asses the problem and tailor make a treatment specifically for the child.

Q: How would the child psychologist go about working with the said problem?

The child psychologist in their training and knowledge is equipped to work with a vast array of child related issues. They would help your child learn useful strategies for coping in areas where they struggle. From communicating better, to be able think of situations from different perspective, to learn to manage anger, frustration and other negative emotions, etc. Along with working with the child they would also work with parents, to help them effectively support their child and even help them with parenting their children in difficult situations.

Q: Should parents also get involved in therapy?

Ideally yes, child psychologists collaboratively work with parents. Working in collaboration with the child psychologists helps coming up with ideas best suited in order to help your child. With young children parents end up being more actively involved where as with older children parent’s input is vital. It also helps with keeping the parent’s in loop about the progress and the areas of development. There could even be family sessions depending on the problem.

Q: How can I convince my child to meet with the child psychologist?

It’s normal for children to be nervous about meeting with a psychologist, as they are unsure and are often sceptical to meet with a psychologist. But you don’t have to worry, the psychologist would make sure your child feels comfortable and is able to work with together with the psychologist. You could introduce your child to the psychologist and tell them that the psychologist is a nice person and would help the feel happier and safe and that she/he has a lot of games in her/his office.

With older children, you could say that the child psychologist would help to solve the said problem and guide and manage it. You could also ask them to try a few sessions and then see if it works or not.

Seeking therapy or counselling for your child does not mean that you are not a bad parent but in fact you are a parent that recognizes that your child requires help to reduce their suffering and improve their overall wellbeing. A child psychologist is not a parent but a guide to help your child cope and do better. Don’t hesitate to seek the right kind of help for your child. For help for your child, call us now on +919741476476.