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Family therapy

There are many factors that can lead to issues in healthy families such as school or work stress, relationship problems, major life changes, needs, addictions, anger issues, communication problems or unhealthy patterns. The hope there is that, family therapy can help. Family therapy gives a safe place for family members to work through problems, improve relationships, and clear up lines of communication.

Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy, the goal of which is to get family members closer to each other to solve the existing problems. 

The Family Counsellor believes that a family can be an influential and mighty source of strength for a person who is struggling to cope with significant physical or psychological issues, sometimes even produced by society. 

When to opt for a Family Counsellor? 

A family counsellor can help during:  

  • Major trauma or a sudden change in the behaviour of a family member affects the entire family 
  • Bereavement  or the sudden loss of a family member or 
  • Having disturbed relationships with children, partner, or other family members
  • Financial troubles at home
  • Drug abuse consequences or mental illness over the entire family
  • Domestic violence or sexual abuse 
  • Parental/ child conflicts
  • Separation issues.

Benefits of Family therapy

Family therapy can be helpful on many levels. It can help in- 

  • Developing a healthy line within the family
  • It promotes positive and healthy communication among the family members
  • It aims to improve problem-solving skills through the knowledge of family dynamics and patterns  
  • Builds an influential understanding and empathy 
  • It helps to reduce family conflicts 
  • Helps in tackling mental health issues affecting the family such as depression, substance abuse, chronic illness, and food issues. 

Key Areas a Family Counselor Works? 

Some key areas that the therapist works with each client are:

  • The dynamics, the role you play, the positive aspects of the unit and what you would like to see change.
  • What were some main characteristics of your biological family that stick out to you? 
  • Were you happy with your family dynamic and how would you have changed some aspects of your relationship? How has this relationship affected you currently?
  • Therapists also like to explore the role models you had growing up. Were your parents divorced? Were there illnesses, or abuse? These elements can help establish reasons for why you have taken on certain roles in your current family.
  • Therapists like to constantly keep their people focused on their growth throughout the therapy process, what they have learned about themselves and what they need to continue to improve on.
  • It is hard for people to notice characteristics about themselves that can use improvement. However, with the help of your counsellor, you can pinpoint areas of yourself that you can develop that would contribute to the overall well-being of your family. This could be minor things such as watching your tone of voice or making time for yourself to do some of the activities you enjoy.

Is Family therapy effective? 

Family therapy is effective. Whatever concerns you are having as a family member, family therapy helps! According to research studies, people who have actively engaged in family therapy improved more promptly and have shown fewer relapses. 

Family therapy: How it works? 

It is carried on by a family therapist, clinical psychologist or a mental health professionals with training in family therapy who have completed formal training in family counselling approaches. The method of therapy is short-term and solution-focused.

During family therapy, the family members are cherished to cooperate to cope with the issues. Each member of the family is striving to find, reconnect and embrace all the resources to achieve peaceful relationships with each other. They appeal to their creativity to learn how to use them in different conflict circumstances. 

Such collaboration has shown to be of great help to every member of the family, involved in the therapy, as it allows developing solutions to grace problems together, which is especially relevant in major life stress situations. 

The therapy can be done only for the spouses, parents, children, siblings under the assistance of a family counsellor or a therapist. All interrelations need to be bound to guarantee the well-functioning happy family. 

Reach us for Help through a Family Counselor 

Getting help to overcome family problems and improve relationships is one of the wisest, most loving things a family can do for their well-being and their future. No family need to suffer from the stress of unresolved problems that can lead to even bigger problems. There is help and there is hope. Family therapy can provide the help, support, and intervention needed to repair broken relationships and build successful families for life.

If you’re looking for non-judgemental and confidential support, we will help you to share your feelings that can assist in resolving the conflicts. Learn how a Family Counsellor can help. Call us @+91 97414 76476 or visit Cadabam’s Hospitals.

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