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Family therapy

Family therapy or family counseling is used to address issues that affect the psychological health of the family, such as major life transitions or mental health conditions. Used as the primary mode of treatment or as a complementary approach, the goal of family therapy is to enable healthy communication that ideally leads to a better functioning home environment and make family members actively involved in each other’s lives for the better. 

Cadabams has specialised in using family therapy for 28+ years to treat various disorders, reduce conflict and distress, and to enhance home functioning. Our multispecialty team of expert psychologists, counsellors, therapists work round the clock to ensure that you get the treatment you need and deserve. Cadabams Hospital offers world-class evidence-based and solution-oriented family therapy. 

There can be many reasons that lead to disagreements between family members. Dissent between siblings over petty issues, arguing parents, adulterous relationships, domestic abuse, a feeling of neglect, prolonged unemployment, mental incapacities, substance abuse disorders, separation, and many more reasons can sour the relationship between family members.

Besides, a crisis or a major financial disappointment that affects a family member can percolate to other people in the family, thus, affecting the peace within your home. Bonds weaken as the younger generations fail to live up to their elders’ expectations, while parents find it difficult to sync their thoughts with the new generations’ lofty ideas. This can affect communication between family members and cause a strain in relationships.

Family therapy is also used for the treatment of major psychological disorders. It can help educate and sensitise family members to the issues faced by the individual. The family becomes active members in the recovery process and aid the individual from any relapses.

While it is ideal for family members to communicate effectively for an amicable resolution of their disputes, family therapy seems imperative to resolve conflicts in most instances.

Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy, the goal of which is to get family members closer to each other to solve their existing problems. 

Family therapy involves bringing the disputing family members together, under one roof, with a psychologist or a social worker who acts as the moderator during the discussion. These psychologists, who are engaged in family counseling, are licensed therapists and they encourage willing family members to participate in open discussions, which help bring forth the issues affecting family peace.

Why opt for family therapy?

Troubled relationships often deteriorate due to a lack of honest and clear communication. During family therapy, counselors encourage the participating members to address specific issues like marital discord that are caused due to unwarranted misunderstandings, financial issues, business disputes, a conflict between parents and children, or often overlooked cases of the child’s misdemeanor.

At times, family therapy sessions may coincide with mental health treatment. This stems from the concern of the family members, regarding one of them being diagnosed with mental illnesses or is being treated for alcohol/drug abuse.

How to be prepared for family counseling?

You do not jump into the idea of seeking family therapy, at once. This is because everyone seeks counselors who are good at their job. To start with, you can seek advice from your family doctor about expert family counselors who have adequate education and experience. While referrals help, you can also go through testimonials of other families sharing their experiences during family therapy sessions and go through the reasons for their recommendations.

The internet has opened the doors to all kinds of information, so it can be convenient to choose one with whom you would like your family members to meet for family therapies. Check the location of their clinics. It would not make sense to drag family members to sessions being held miles away. Don’t forget to check for the length and number of sessions as too many sessions may cause your family members to lose interest in participating further.

Do family therapies help?

Families seek family therapy with counselors when all other ways to mend relationships fail. While many do not realize the significance of attending family counseling sessions, its effectiveness in solving family quarrels and resolving miscommunication problems cannot be disputed.

The main idea behind advising couples and families to attend such therapies is to prompt them to work together, instead of harboring resentment against each other. 

“Tough times do not last, but tough people do” This is the advice that family therapists instill in their clients, till they decide to work together for the problem to go away and peace be returned to their lives.

Additionally, behavioral problems of children or their dependence on addictive substances can give way to relational problems. Family therapy explains and helps children understand how their wrong choices can be the cause of disruption in a family.  

While families try too hard to adjust and avoid conflicts at home, the problem is that most people take the wrong route unknowingly. During family therapy sessions, people talk and discuss among themselves about problems that bug them while seeking advice from the counselor about the possible next step that they must take.

Family therapy is simply making use of education in human psychology and the experience to empower relationships, as well as prompting participating members to realize the value of relationships. It also helps families understand the possible damaging effect of failed relationships on their wards’ future.

Benefits of family therapy

Many people dislike discussing their issues and feel uncomfortable with the thought of family therapy. Their apprehension to discuss marital issues or family discord with an outsider often refrains them from benefiting from therapy sessions that have helped many families to date.

Family therapy sessions can be helpful in so many ways including- 

  • Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship between family members
  • Easing communication between family members, thus, easing tension between them
  • Facilitating problem-solving through a better understanding of each other’s behavior, needs, and problems
  • Empathizing with the affected families’ condition and helping them mend relationships
  • Reducing the chances of family conflicts 
  • Encouraging healthy and open discussion on addiction problems and related emotional disorders

How does Family Therapy work?

The basic premise behind every family therapy is to handle family conflicts peacefully, unbiased of the reasons. The participating family members are encouraged to cooperate regarding nagging issues that created rifts in the relationships.

Every member of the family strives hard to find lost peace, reconnect, and embrace the given resources to bring back in relationships. The families involved in the therapy develop solutions to deal with the problems together similar to how they must deal with problems in major life events. 

The therapy can be done only for the spouses, parents, children, siblings under the guidance of an effective family counselor or a therapist.

Reach us for help through a family counselor

Getting help to overcome family problems and improve relationships is one of the wisest, most loving things, a family can do for their well-being and their future. No family needs to suffer from the stress of unresolved problems that can lead to even bigger problems. There is help and there is hope, which can be provided with family therapy can provide the help, support, and intervention needed to repair broken relationships and build successful families for life.

If you’re looking for non-judgmental and confidential support, we will help you share your feelings, and provide assistance in resolving conflicts. Learn how a Family Counsellor can help.

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Why Cadabams?

Cadabam’s Hospitals is one of the most reputed mental health care, psycho-social rehabilitation centers. We offer a wide range of solutions under a single roof, including family therapy. Our multi-specialty team makes up of highly qualified professionals, like family therapists and psychiatric social workers who work along with each family, outlining custom solution-oriented treatment plans and delivering them a personalized experience. Over the past three decades, we have helped countless families resolve their problems and live peacefully. If you’re having problems in your family, connect with the experts at Cadabam’s Hospitals and take confident strides towards the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each family therapy session last?

Each family counseling session lasts for about an hour, during which family members share their version of family issues and their perception about the problems, apart from their inability to look for a possible solution. This ensures more time spent together under the same roof and, thereby, quick resolution of their problems.

Is it safe to discuss family issues in front of therapists?

The client-therapist contract refrains therapists from discussing their clients’ problems out in the open, which means that it is completely safe to seek guidance regarding your issues.

What are the goals of family therapy?

Every family counselor works with three goals in mind. The first is to understand and solve family problems, resolve communication issues between family members, and advise them on ways of creating a peaceful home environment.

Why do families hesitate to take up family therapy?

In some instances, family members refuse to cooperate or participate. Most family therapy sessions fail owing to the disinterest of members; they don’t want to come forward and share their problems. The hesitation of revealing family issues, with a therapist in the background, adds to their difficulties.

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