Mental Health and Relationships: Prioritising Wellbeing

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This event brought much-needed conversations on emotional wellness in relationships in the limelight.

Bangalore, 14th February 2021, Karnataka: In partnership with The Logical Indian and Social, Cadabam’s Group - psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Bangalore, had organized a Valentine’s Day event on Mental Health and Relationships. The goal of this event was to start candid and meaningful conversations around the importance of enhancing emotional wellbeing in romantic relationships. 

The event featured a panel discussion hosted by Communication Consultant, Adarsh Nalam where Dhruv Sehgal - Actor, Writer and Creator, and Dr Meenakshi Banerjee - a consultant clinical psychologist with Cadabam’s MindTalk, brought in different perspectives about relationships and their impact on emotional wellness. “Relationships have some exciting bits about finding new people, dating, getting to know someone and we all have different ways of doing that,” said Adarsh Nalam while reiterating the complexity of relationships today.

The panel discussion went over topics like managing expectations, drawing boundaries as well as healthy coping in breakups. It also touched upon the changing trends of dating with an evolving culture as well as the advent of technology. From a clinical psychology perspective, Dr Meenakshi was able to enlighten the audience on the science behind relationships and on a more cultural level, Dhruv Sehgal addressed the more modern understanding of love among millennials. He spoke about the rising importance of individuality while finding companions. “For me, it’s about being yourself and creating an environment where you can be yourself.”

The Valentine’s atmosphere was set with a live music, poetry and storytelling session by some of the most renowned artists in Bangalore.

With the increasing complexity in the way people interact with each other, it becomes important to consider mental health and wellbeing in relationships. People define what love means to them differently and thus, dynamics of relationships change from person to person. “If you have a secure attachment style, any trouble or uncertainty in a relationship would make you focus on communication from a more problem-focused perspective,” said Dr Meenakshi Banerjee. The mental health of each partner in a relationship has become a complex matter of balancing expectations and maintaining healthy boundaries, while also dealing with possible disappointments. These changes are not restricted to just romantic relationships, but also in families, workplaces and friendships.

With this in mind, Cadabams Group intends to take the conversation around Mental Health and Relationships further to encompass all types of relationships and their varied facets. “As a society, we don't encourage talking about relationship conflicts and interpersonal issues.” said Mr Sandesh Cadabam, Managing Director at Cadabams Group, “However, as mental healthcare service providers, we see a huge influx of people seeking professional help for relationship management. With this event and the many more to come, we aim at making mental health and interpersonal relationships a topic of candid discussion.”

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