Safeguarding Psychiatric Care: Cadabams Launches Vaccination Drive For Their Patients and Residents

by cadabamshospital

15 March,2021 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

This vaccination drive is a step towards ensuring the continuous provision of mental health support to patients with complete protection.

Bangalore, 13th March 2021, Karnataka: Cadabams Group, a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, had organized a COVID vaccination drive for all its residents who have been living at their different rehabilitation centers and been availing psychiatric treatment during the past year. After organising a vaccination drive for its frontline healthcare workers during the first phase of vaccine distribution, this is Cadabams Group’s second step towards ensuring the safety of its large extended family. 

Throughout these unprecedented and challenging times, the complete group support staff and all mental health professionals of Cadabams Group prioritised holistic well-being along with intense protection of all its residents. With extensive hygiene and proper nourishment of its residents in all the centres, the Cadabams team has sheltered themselves throughout this pandemic journey. With an increased risk of infection, the families and caregivers of the residents were apprehensive of their loved ones' safety, but Cadabams Group’s ardent and continuous efforts of safeguarding its people has helped in continued treatment and care. “From reassuring families of their loved ones’ safety to helping our residents cope during this tough time, we have stayed committed to our cause of making world-class, comprehensive care for psychiatric illness accessible to all,” says Mr Sandesh Cadabam, Managing Director of Cadabams Group. 

The Cadabams Group extends its heartiest gratitude towards the Government of Karnataka and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for recognizing mental health and psychiatric care and licensing Cadabams Group to get its residents shielded during these trying times. Setting an example, the top management and the entire support staff of Cadabams Group have been vaccinated and have continued supporting and treating patients with psychiatric illnesses. “With this vaccination drive, we will set a seal on our residents' safety which is of utmost priority to us. We thank the Government of Karnataka for acknowledging our efforts to continue our residents’ treatment and care”, said Dr Sunil M.R, Director Facilitator, Cadabams Group.