Mental Health at the Forefront: Cadabams Announces Vaccination Drive For Their Frontline Workers

by cadabamshospital

21 January,2021 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

This vaccination drive will ensure the continued provision of mental health support to patients during the pandemic

Vaccination Drive

Bangalore, 21st January 2021, Karnataka: Cadabams Group, a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, had organized a vaccination drive for its frontline healthcare workers who continued supporting and treating patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses during these trying times. Acknowledging these efforts made by the entire team of Cadabams Group, the Government of Karnataka approved them as a vaccination centre, ensuring that continuous mental health treatment reaches the masses. 

With an increased risk of infection, people suffering from psychiatric and psychological disorders suddenly found it difficult to access mental health care. For many, this meant a reduction or complete halt in treatment. To prevent this, Cadabams Group continued providing counseling and psychiatric services for all their patients, even those who had contracted COVID-19.

Patients and residents were given excellent care and support throughout the past year. Our 24x7 helpline remained open for whoever wished to seek help with an increased number of callers during the lockdown. We knew that these times would be difficult for many to cope with the stress of the pandemic,” says Mr Sandesh Cadabam, Managing Director of Cadabams Group,We stayed committed to our cause towards mental health care and kept our doors open for anyone who needed our assistance.” 

This vaccination drive puts mental healthcare at the forefront along with physical healthcare. The Cadabams Group extends its heartiest gratitude towards the Government of Karnataka for recognizing the tireless efforts of its complete medical and support staff. Setting an example, Dr B.R. Madhukar, Medical Director, Cadabams Group, will be the first to be vaccinated, while the top priority for phase one of vaccination will be given to other mental health professionals and support staff. Even in these difficult times, we found it important to continue serving recovering individuals to ensure consistent progress in their path to recovery,” said Dr Madhukar,This vaccination drive will make it easier for our staff to work without the fear of infection or spread, while also providing excellent care to our patients and residents.