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Dr. R. PRIYA RAGHAVAN - Consultant Psychiatrist

Qualification: MBBS, CCT, MRC Psychiatry

Hello, friends! I am Dr. Priya Raghavan. I am currently serving as a Consultant psychiatrist at Cadabam’s. After completing my MBBS degree at the Bangalore university in the year 2002, I held my career further to giving a passion and to learn more explicit skills in the field of psychiatry.

My last work experience as a consultant older adults, liaison psychiatry, NHS, Lanarkshire address my hands on skills in the psychiatric as well as in cognitive health issues. After getting trained in the West of Scotland psychiatry rotation and passing the MRCPsych examination held in the Royal college in the year 2008, I got my CCT (Certification of Specialist Training) in the Old Age Psychiatry, the United Kingdom in the year 2013.

Possessing robust skills in liaison psychiatry service, the main purpose of my relocation to Bangalore is to develop both adult and geriatric psychiatry service in India in long way terms.

With a virtue of experience and training in psychiatry, I am an expert and have hands on skills in the diagnosis and management of mental health problems in the elderly population and general adults. I can manage and facilitate a range of mental health issues that include treating depression, bipolar disorder, drug addiction, schizophrenia, and other kinds of neuropsychiatric conditions such as dementia, etc.

I believe my years of experience can bring about a fruitful change that is required in controlling the illnesses and serve as a healing hand to cure and give a new life to the people suffering from psychiatric illnesses.