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Alcohol addiction refers to a person having a strong and often uncontrollable desire to drink alcohol, to the extent that it negatively affects their physical health and significantly interferes with day-to-day functioning and responsibilities.

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Alcohol Addiction Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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Treatment Modalities

Used to create personalized treatment plans that meet the needs of you of your loved one

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Anunitha gives hope, comfort, professional support when you need it the most. Dr. Priya is amazing. As for Ms. Raji... she's outstanding in her depth of understanding and tracking all the residents. Her thoughtful advice has been most valuable. I am very grateful for all the help my family member has received. Thank you!

Bhanu Chandran

We had a very satisfying experience at Anunitha. The professional approach and the diligent personal involvement were exemplary. I would particularly put on record the contribution of Mr. Rajsekhar for handholding and for providing us the clarity and direction of the process and for Mrs. Renuka, Mr. Biju, and Mrs. Saji for taking care of all the requirements of professional service during the course.

Rajnish Kumar

Symptoms for Alcohol Addiction

Symptoms may include –

  • Frequent or increased quantity of use,
  • Developing high tolerance for alcohol,
  • Avoiding situations without alcohol and wanting to be where it is present,
  • Hiding while drinking or hiding alcohol,
  • Avoiding social contact with loved ones,
  • Depending on alcohol for everyday functionality,
  • Choosing friends who also drink heavily,
  • Drinking during inappropriate times such as at work,
  • Increased depressive symptoms, lethargy, or other emotional issues,
  • Professional or legal issues such as losing a job or an arrest.

Causes for Alcohol Addiction

Certain risk factors can make it more likely for a person to develop alcohol addiction –

  • Genetics and family history. Having another family member have alcohol addiction increases your risk.
  • Frequent drinking. Binge drinking or drinking too often can lead to addiction.
  • Underage drinking. Starting drinking before 15 years of age increases the likelihood of developing addiction later.
  • Mental health conditions. Certain conditions such as bipolar disorder or depression can make it more likely, especially if drinking is their coping strategy.
  • History of trauma. Having traumatic experiences such as childhood abuse increases the risk.
  • Social factors. Factors such as peer pressure, poor parental support, family and social customs also contribute.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Medications, detoxification supervised by medical professionals, psychotherapy, rehabilitation programs, and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are treatment options.
If you or your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, help is available. Cadabam’s caters to the treatment of alcohol addiction in the hospital as well as its rehabilitation centre – where we offer alcohol detox treatment in addition to other facilities. Reach out to us on our helpline number 9741476476.


Why do people with alcohol addiction relapse?

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms, unaddressed mental health issues, triggers such as places or people associated with alcohol use, poor self-care, lack of coping strategies to handle uncomfortable emotions, boredom, and isolation are some reasons relapses can occur.

How do medications help in treatment?

Medications can help manage cravings to drink and withdrawal symptoms that occur due to reduction in alcohol consumption as well as after the detoxification process.

What happens in psychotherapy for alcohol addiction treatment?

Psychotherapy helps the patient better understand as well as manage their cravings, stay motivated to achieve sobriety, change dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours related to alcohol, and work on mental health concerns that contribute to their addiction.

What does rehabilitation offer?

24*7 access to mental health and medical professionals and supervision are the key features of rehabilitation centers for alcohol addiction. It helps handle withdrawal symptoms, emotional challenges, as well as provide daily support for recovery.

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