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Addictive behaviours, according to the CBT technique, are the outcome of incorrect ideas and consequent negative sensations. Many of us have thoughts that are built on false, impractical, or hard to achieve notions. Negative sensations can be triggered by these beliefs, which can feed anxiety, sadness, and addictive behaviours. Addiction is an excellent illustration of conflicting conduct. While we may be aware that avoiding addictive activities and drugs is healthier and safer, we nonetheless choose to engage in the habit. People with addictions may regret their choice, but it can be difficult to quit repeating them, even if they are unaware of why they are doing so. Cadabams understands the importance of finding a CBT psychiatrist you can rely on for empathy, competence, and experience. As a result, Cadabams makes certain that all of our professionals are the greatest at what they do, which is assisting their clients in living a better life by applying CBT for addiction in Bangalore.

Addiction Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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What is the purpose of cognitive therapy?

CBT is a type of psychological treatment that has been shown to be useful for a variety of issues, including depression, emotional problems, alcohol, and drug abuse issues, marital issues, eating disorders, and serious mental disorders.

What are the three guiding principles of cognitive therapy?

Collaboration and active engagement are key components of CBT. CBT is problem-solving and goal-oriented. CBT focuses on the current moment at first. CBT is educational in nature, with the goal of teaching the client to be his or her own therapist while also emphasising relapse prevention.


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