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Family therapists play an important role in education the family about the nature of alcohol addiction and the process of recovery. It helps support family members emotionally, and help them devise ways that increase effective behaviours and reduce unhelpful ones by the addicted individual. Family therapists help put addiction and the person with the addiction in a different context so that blame on the person, which acts as an obstacle to recovery and abstinence, is reduced, and also help the family find their unique strengths and resilience that improve their coping with the person’s addiction as family. In family therapy, members are allowed to dialogue and ask questions, which itself can be very therapeutic. Additional issues may also be discussed in a therapy session such as abuse, parenting skills, unemployment, and family conflict. Therapeutic interventions may include discussing helpful versus harmful ways of interacting, improving communication and building trust, discussing family roles, and identifying respectful ways of interacting with each other.

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How effective is Family Therapy for Alcohol Addiction?

Family therapy has been found to be effective in reducing substance use, improving abstinence, improving relationships and social functioning.

What are the benefits of Family Therapy for Alcohol Addiction?

Family therapy provides better understanding of addiction and how it affects behaviour, improves communication, helps regain trust, helps set boundaries, teaches self-care, provides an avenue for sharing feelings, and helps the family become aware of family dynamics that exacerbate the person’s alcohol addiction.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

This differs from family to family and depends on how willing and ready family members are to adapt to positive change that supports the addicted individual’s recovery.

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