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Alcohol addiction is a mental health disorder that affects a person’s physical, mental, and social health. Left untreated, alcohol addiction can even cause the death of the individual. Early diagnosis and treatment of the disorder is the key to ensuring the recovery of the individual. There are multiple treatment options that individuals and families can avail to ensure recovery from the disorder.

A person and family can also avail treatment at home. The first step to treating alcohol addiction at home is to stop the consumption of alcohol and remove its traces from the person’s body. This process is called detoxification. Alcohol detox at home is possible under the supervision of trained mental health professionals.

The professionals regularly visit the person’s house and monitor their recovery. They also help the individual overcome the withdrawal symptoms that are part of the alcohol detoxification process. With apt professional treatment and regular monitoring, individuals can recover in the comfort of their homes.

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What is the multidisciplinary team at Cadabams?

The multidisciplinary team at Cadabams includes psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, family therapists, case managers, and more. Together, they offer a comprehensive recovery experience.

What are the treatment options available for alcohol addiction?

Treatment options for alcohol addiction include outpatient services, hospitalization for acute situations, and rehabilitation for a more comprehensive alcohol deaddiction experience.