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Neurofeedback therapy is an advanced treatment option for a variety of mental health disorders. The treatment option is non-invasive in nature, painless for the individual, and is associated with no side effects. Because of its effectiveness and the associated benefits, neurofeedback is a preferred treatment option for individuals who are battling illnesses like depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, and more.

During a neurofeedback session, a mental health professional attaches sensors to your body that monitor your brain’s activity. By exposing you to various stimuli, the professional help you understand your brain’s response to the stimuli and helps you gain control over some involuntary brain functions. This helps individuals who are battling alcohol addiction overcome their craving for alcohol and helps them fight some withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction as well.

By giving individuals who are battling addiction, the tools to control their craving and behavior, neurofeedback immensely benefits them. It helps them feel in control of their recovery journey and accelerates their alcohol de-addiction process.

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Who can conduct neurofeedback sessions?

Neurofeedback sessions can be conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist, counselor, or therapist. The professionals will have received specialized training to conduct these sessions.