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The notion that addiction is caused due to lack of self control or a moral failing is obsolete. Addiction is considered a brain disease. Although the initial phase of engaging in alcohol consumption might have been voluntary, over time the person loses their control over moderating their alcohol usage as alcohol consumption makes structural changes to the person’s brain that makes it harder to stop using it. Moreover, neurofeedback can be an effective form of treatment for addiction. A neurofeedback specialist helps the person recovering from addiction create brain maps to locate regions in the brain that show abnormal electrical activity. From there, the specialist will create a training program targeting those areas to redress over-activity, inactivity, or under-activity. As these brain areas start functioning normally, symptoms of addiction improve as well. Neurofeedback has also shown to improve the rate of abstinence by a research study. Neurofeedback is not to be used as a standalone treatment, but works best when used with other services such as a 12-Step program.

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How effective is Neurofeedback for Alcohol Addiction?

Neurofeedback is an effective conjunct treatment for alcohol addiction as it helps regulate deficient brain wave patterns and pathological brain processes that are found in the brains of alcoholics. This in turn improves the symptoms of alcohol addiction.

Is Neurofeedback safe for Alcohol Addiction?

It is generally considered safe without any significant side effects that resolve within 24-48 hours after the session. These can include mild headaches, sleepiness, anxiety, and lack of focus.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

It depends on the severity of alcohol addiction that the person has as well as their response to the neurofeedback training sessions.

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